PC version of Final Fantasy XV closer than ever

It was only yesterday that we mentioned that Hajime Tabata, director of Final Fantasy XV had nothing directly to say about FF XV on PC. Sooner than expected, it turned out that he was present at GDC 2017 Nvidia event with no less than a Final Fantasy Gameworks demo video.

Final Fantasy XV Broke Even on Launch Day
Beautiful boys of FF XV are waiting for the PC version

This does not mean that anything has been confirmed, as Tabata remains tight-lipped, however, there is some reason for hope. Square Enix has already moved most of its legacy titles to PC, as well as the HD remasters, but its newest golden goose is not there yet.

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The video in question shows characters from Final Fantasy XV running through grassy meadows. Tabata said that it shows “the current status of our game engine, Luminous Studio Pro”, which they worked on together with Gameworks. Sources say that Tabata was smiling while answering with “no comment” on the questions regarding the PC version of FF XV.

Someone might say that hanging onto facial expression of a person when discussing gaming news is a bit too much. However, people might also say that there was a “long wait” for FF XV and that would be an understatement. Tabata was the right person for the job of making sure it saw the light of day and currently is considered a savior of the franchise by many. If anyone can confirm that Square is working on the PC version of FF XV, that would be him.

Regardless of comments and guesses, the fact that there is a “tech demo” of FF XV’s code running on PC hardware is a great thing. It is also one step closer to achieving what many PC gamers around the world want – a chance to step into Noctis’ shoes (and other garb elements) and put some miles in them traversing Eos.

Or just take the car. Regalia is super cool anyway.

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