Final Fantasy XV for free? Yes, if you’re looking for a 2D brawler!

A new Final Fantasy XV tie-in game, A King’s Tale, is out today on both PSN and Xbox Live and it’s completely free! It is a 2D beat-em-up with pixelated graphics giving it a retro look. The combat is supposed to be influenced by modern games and developers describe it as “fast paced”.

The side-scrolling brawler revolves around a story set 30 years before the goings-on in FF XV, told by King Regis to his son Noctis, when he was a kid. It promises intense combat, use of summoning (where we might see some of the series mainstays) as well as magic and companions.

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Final Fantasy games have seen quite the resurrection this past couple of years. The mobile market has seen several titles, with Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius reaching over 11 million players worldwide (over 6 million in Japan alone). FF XV finally came out of development hell in late 2016 to very solid reviews and sales, legacy titles can be found on pretty much all gaming platforms, while FF IX and X/X-2 have HD remakes. Another HD remake, FF XII is in the works, while the probably most famous of the bunch, FF VII, is getting completely redone, with the release date still tantalizingly unannounced.

If you are looking for more FF XV information, Hajime Tabata, FF XV director, seen by many as the savior of Final Fantasy, has recently talked with Polygon regarding the future plans regarding FF XV as well as gaming in general. He addressed the DLCs, online potential of the game, and he gave vague comments about a potential PC version of FF XV as well.

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