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Dance on top of a Clock Tower, Pink Tree, Porcelain Throne is one of the weekly challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale. It comes in several stages, and each stage requires you to dance on a different landmark. If you’re not too familiar with the map, you might have trouble finding them. This guide is going to show you Fortnite BR Clock Tower, Pink Tree, Porcelain Throne locations, so you can complete this battle pass challenge.

fortnite br dance on top of clock tower pink tree porcelain throne
Fortnite BR Dance on Top of Clock Tower, Pink Tree, Porcelain Throne

Clock tower location

The clock tower is the most famous of them all. It’s a tall building in Tilted Towers. You’ll find it in the southwest of the city, nested between two buildings. Simply land on the roof and start dancing, but beware – others might try to destroy it.

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Pink tree location

The pink tree is located in Lucky Landing. It’s probably supposed to be a sakura, and it’s the giant one in the middle of the location. Just land on the bough and start dancing.

Porcelain throne location

Porcelain throne is slang for a toilet bowl. With that in mind, you might realize the only giant toilet bowl on the map is at Flush Factory, where toilet bowls are made.

And that’s it. Once you’ve danced on the last landmark, you’ll complete the challenge. However, it would probably be wise to wait a few days, since these three locations have become insanely popular thanks to the challenge, and there are a lot of griefers looking to destroy the objects before you can dance on them. Give it a few days and people will lose their interest, and you will be able to dance in peace. There’s another challenge this week that might prove difficult, the one with shooting the targets. If you have any trouble with it, check out our Fortnite BR Shooting Gallery locations guide.

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