Fortnite Fortbyte 24 Location - Found Within Fatal Fields

Fortbyte 24 is one of the newly added collectibles in Fortnite Battle Royale. It’s a computer chip that you have to find in the world in order to progress through the challenge. This one’s hint simply states it’s hidden at the farm in Fatal Fields. If you’re having trouble finding it, this guide will show you the exact Fortnite Fortbyte 24 location.

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fortnite fortbyte 24 found within fatal fields
Fortnite Fortbyte 24 Location – Found Within Fatal Fields

This guide only shows the locations of this one particular collectible. If you need info on any of the remaining 99, be sure to check out our Fortbyte collectible locations guide.

Where to find Fortbyte #24?

The hint states it’s in Fatal Fields, the farmstead in the southern part of the map. There are several buildings there – the big red barn, the small gray one, the house, etc. If you want to cut the chase short, you should go directly into the house. Go up the stairs and head into the room with the drawing board, the one on the north side of the building. You’ll find the chip floating between the desk and the drawing board.

Fortbyte #24 is definitely not the hardest one to obtain, but it can be time consuming. Especially if you’re going after it on the same day it was unlocked, since a lot of people are going to be doing just that. It can’t really compare with, say, Fortbyte #13, which has you looking for clues in a loading screen you still can’t unlock.

Other than the collectibles, there are also the standard weekly challenges. This week’s batch is nothing much. You might have trouble with riding the slipstream, or keeping track of all the sky platforms you’ve already visited, but there’s no real mystery there, nothing to tease the brain. Just a bunch of stuff that will challenge your skill.