Fortnite Fortbyte 36 Location - Accessible By Sentinel on Frozen Island

Fortbyte 36 is one of the collectibles in season 9 of Fortnite Battle Royale. It is one of the starting ones, available on day one, and you have to use a specific skin to find it. It’s not too difficult, but you might need a few tries before you get it. This guide will help you by showing Fortbyte 36 location accessible by sentinel on frozen island.

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fortnite fortbyte 36 accessible by sentinel on frozen island
Fortnite Fortbyte 36 Location – Accessible By Sentinel on Frozen Island

Where to find Fortbyte #36?

Sentinel is one of the starting skins, the one that looks like chicken Gundam. If you’ve bought the battle pass, you already have it. Equip the skin and queue up. Once you’re in the air, look to the southwestern corner of the map. There are two tiny islands off the coast, and the collectible is on the western one, the smaller of the two.

You can either land there or use the zip-lines to cross the water. Once you’re there, look for the chip on the south side of the island, near the edge. When looking at it from a distance, it’ll be transparent. Even when you approach it, it might not appear instantly. Give it a couple of seconds, and it’ll become tangible.

This is one of the two relatively difficult Fortbytes in the first batch. All the others are pretty breezy, if a bit of a grind at times. Place in top 10 a certain number of times, gain a specific amount of experience points, unlock a battle pass tier. Point being, you’re going to unlock those Fortbytes either way, just by naturally playing the game. These two, on the other hand, are like mini challenges. If you’re having trouble with any of the other ones, be sure to visit our Fortbyte locations & how to get them guide. We’ll be updating it daily.


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