Secret Fortnite Battle Star Location - How to Get Free Battle Pass Tier in Season 4 Week 3

Secret battle star is a prize you can get in Fortnite Battle Royale, provided you’re a Battle Pass owner. Once you’ve finished all the weekly challenges – like the one with the rubber duckies, or the Lonely Lodge chests – you’ll unlock a custom loading screen image. It’s called Blockbuster #3, and it points towards the secret battle star. When you collect it, you’ll get a free battle pass tier. In this guide, we’re going to show you Fortnite BR secret battle star location for season 4 week 3.

fortnite br secret battle star battle pass tier
Secret Fortnite Battle Star Location – How to Get Free Battle Pass Tier in Season 4 Week 3

Where to find free Battle Pass tier star in season 4 week 3?

Before you start looking for the star, make sure you’ve completed all week 3 challenges. The hardest ones require you to search rubber duckies and loot chests in Lonely Lodge. The rest are pretty easy – especially now that the bugs have been ironed out. You shouldn’t have much trouble completing them before the next week starts.

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If you look at the Blockbuster photo, you’ll see four heroes gathered around a hologlobe. Nothing weird there. However, if you zoom in on the globe, you might discover something interesting. There’s a holographic battle star on one of the hills by the river, in the south of the map.

Take a look at the map, and you’ll find the hill in quadrant F9. It’s on the eastern side of the river, between Fatal Fields and Flush Factory, northwest of Lucky Landing. If you’re coming directly from the bus, you’ll notice three pine trees on the hill. The star is on the patch of dirt between them, but it will be invisible until you approach it. Once you’re close enough, it will pop up, and when you snatch it, you’ll get a free battle pass tier.

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    Rob Jackson

    There is another location north of snobby, but south and behind the single older house that also has a free tier location. Found today while playing.

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