Fortnite Wrong Achievements Appearing as Completed Error

Wrong achievements appearing as completed in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 has been causing some trouble for players. It happens sometimes with new gameplay mechanics, but this one is really annoying. After all, people put in a lot of work to complete those achievements, so getting a wrong achievement is a pretty big issue. Fortunately, Epic is aware of the situation, and they’re working on fixing it and restoring the proper achievements to people playing Fortnite Chapter 2.

Fortnite Wrong Achievements Appearing as Completed Error
Fortnite Wrong Achievements Appearing as Completed Error

Wrong Achievements Appearing as Completed – Fortnite Bug

A number of players of Fortnite have been having trouble with getting wrong achievements popping up as if they were completed. Needless to say, this has been leaving some players incredibly puzzled. It hits hardest for players that might have spent several matches trying to complete whatever achievement it may be, only to get something completely else. It’s all a bit of a mess, which isn’t unheard of when a game adds a whole new mechanic. But, that doesn’t help you much, does it?

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Well, worry not. As community coordinator M_House_Epic pointed out on Reddit, Epic is well aware of the issue. They’re working on solving the problem, so it’s safe to assume that it’s gonna go away fairly quickly. More importantly, according to the post, the tracking of the Achievements on their end is fine. In other words, they know which achievements you’ve actually completed, so they’re gonna take care of that, too. Now, that’s a relief, isn’t it?

The achievement error is not the only problem that you might encounter in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1. You might also be having trouble with the screen size, especially on the PS4. Our Fortnite BR How to Fix Screen Size on PlayStation 4 might help you out with that. It’s not all doom and gloom, though; there’s a ton of new stuff to discover. Our Season 11 Battle Pass – Chapter 2 Season 1 Skins & Rewards and Search Hidden F in New World Loading Screen guides might point you to some of said stuff.

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