Higi Village Sword Chest Puzzle Genshin Impact

Near Higi Village in Genshin Impact, there is a very tricky to solve sword chest puzzle. Like all the other chest puzzles, there is a way to solve this one as well, though figuring out how can be difficult if you are not certain what you need to do. To save you the trouble of running around aimlessly wondering what exactly you need to do in order to unlock it, we’ve pit together this Higi Village Sword Chest Puzzle Genshin Impact guide.

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Higi Village Sword Chest Puzzle Genshin Impact

How To Solve The Higi Village Sword Chest Puzzle

This puzzle can be found on Yashiori Island, near Higi Village. Though it also involves swords, it isn’t the same sort of puzzle as the one from Touch The Sword Hilt Puzzle from Musoujin Gorge. No, the issue with this puzzle is not that it requires an exact sequence in which you need to do something, but rather that it needs you to find and interact with sneaky Tanuki. As you know from the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual quest line where you needed to find three little Tanuki, these racoon dogs have the ability to disappear, shapeshift, and cast illusions.

So, as you will see in the video down below, what you need to do here is to catch up to the Tanuki before it can teleport away. Since you only have a couple of seconds before they move to another position nearby, you will need to be quick and dash to its location and hit it. This can be a very tedious process, since, as mentioned, the Tanuki is pretty fast. After you have managed to hit it several times, the Common Chest will finally unlock and you will be able to loot it. And there you have it, everything you needed to know about the Higi Village Sword Chest Puzzle Genshin Impact.

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    You do not actually have to touch (or hit) the tanuki, you just have to get close to it, it will keep going on its way to the sword ring.

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