Ghost of Tsushima All Tales & Quests - Helping Sword Hand Trophy

Helping Sword Hand is a trophy in Ghost of Tsushima. You can earn it by completing all 63 tales of Tsushima. It’s a gold trophy, which makes sense – unlocking it is a lot of work. If you’re having trouble finding some of those quests, this guide will show you all Ghost of Tsushima tales, where they start, what their requirements are and which rewards to expect, to help you unlock the Helping Sword Hand trophy.

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Tales of Tsushima List Map Locations Helping Sword Hand Trophy Ghost of Tsushima
Tales of Tsushima List – Helping Sword hand Trophy Ghost of Tsushima

Complete all Tales of Tsushima – Locations, Rewards

There are 27 non-ally side tales. The best way to discover them is to talk to people with check boxes above their heads. Most of the time, they will mark the rumored location on the map, revealing the name of the quest. All of them give a minor legend increase.

1.Incident at Hiyoshi PassIzuhara, Bridge at Southeastern Yoichi’s SlopeAct 1Minor Defense Charm (Unyielding I), 10 Linen
2.The Cost of IronIzuhara, Kuta GrasslandsAct 1Minor Melee Charm (Advantage), 4 Leather
3.For TsushimaIzuhara, Northern Kii’s PondAct 1Minor Stealth Charm (Resolve I), 10 Linen
4.The Value of SakeIzuhara, Kii’s PondAct 1Minor Utility Charm (Resolve I), 10 Linen
5.A Place to Call HomeIzuhara, West from Golden TempleAct 1Minor Utility Charm (Well-Being I), 10 Linen
6.The Other side of HonorIzuhara, North from Shigenori’s PeakAct 1Minor Stealth Charm (Shadows), 10 Linen
7.Whispers in the WoodsIzuhara, Southern Tagata ForestAct 1Minor Melee Charm (Dual Destruction I), 4 Leather
8.Unfinished BusinessIzuhara, Azamo BayAct 1Minor Defense Charm (Vitality), 4 Leather
9.Honor Buried DeepIzuhara, Azamo BayAct 1, Unfinished BusinessMinor Defense Charm (Broken Barriers), 10 Linen
10.A Healer’s TouchIzuhara, Western River Child’s WetlandsAct 1Minor Utility Charm (Divine Healing I), 10 Linen
11.Lost at SeaIzuhara, Kijo Isle, SW cornerAct 1Minor Defense Charm (Resistance I), 4 Leather
12.Empty BasketsIzuhara, South from Lake KunehamaAct 1Minor Defense Charm (Resistance I), 10 Linen
13.A Mother’s PeaceIzuhara, First General’s Field, NW cornerACT 1Minor Utility Charm (Fortunate Return), 2 Silk
14.The Laughing BanditsIzuhara, Western Jade HillsAct 2Minor Melee Charm, 10 Linen
15.A Final RequestToyotama, Lucky Genzo’s InnAct 2Minor Melee Charm (Dual Destruction II), 8 Leather
16.Peace for the DivineToyotama, Old Toyotama HillsAct 2Minor Utility Charm (Fortune I), 14 Linen
17.Flesh and StoneToyotama, Benkei’s FallsAct 2Minor Defense Charm (Immunity), 6 Leather
18.The River ChildrenToyotama, Southeastern Old Kanazawa MarshAct 2Minor Melee Charm (Bludgeoning), 14 Linen
19.A Wealthy Man Has All He NeedsToyotama, Southern Lady Sanjo’s BridgeAct 2Minor Utility Charm (Fortunate Return), 6 Leather
20.The Generosity of Lady SanjoToyotama, Umugi CoveAct 2Minor Stealth Charm (Shadows), 14 Linen
21.A Thief of InnocenceToyotama, Umugi CoveAct 2Minor Melee Charm (Ferocity), 6 Leather
22.The Burden of TheftToyotama, Urashima’s VillageAct 2Minor Utility Charm (Divine Healing II), 14 Linen
23.A Debt RepaidToyotama, Kawamata VillageAct 2Minor Utility Charm (Enduring Affliction), 14 Linen
24.Fit for the KhanKamiagata, Jogaku TempleAct 3, Honor and Ash – Jin’s Journey taleMongol Commander’s Armor
25.Hidden in SnowKamiagata, Sago MillAct 3, Honor and Ash – Jin’s Journey taleMinor Stealth Charm (The Lost Mind), 18 Linen
26.A Father’s CHoiceKamiagata, Northwestern Deep Forest LakeAct 3Minor Stealth Charm (Fire Doctrine), 8 Leather
27.The Cost of FearKamiagata, southeast from Jogaku Temple lakeAct 3Minor Stealth Charm (Fire Doctrine), 8 Leather

Ishikawa Tales

The first Ishikawa tale is part of Jin’s Journey, the main quest line. The next three Ishikawa’s tales can be done during the first act. Two more missions are in Toyotoama, during act 2, with the last two in Kamiagata and Toyotama during act 3. Just like other side quests, these also give a minor legend increase – except for the first one, which is part of the main quest. Completing all Ishikawa tales, you’ll get the Shattered mask of Tomoe and The Unbending Archer trophy.

1.The Tale of Sensei IshikawaIzuhara, Hiyoshi SpringsAct 1 – The Warrior’s CodeHalf Bow
2.The Sensei and the StudentIzuhara, Hiyoshi Springs – Sensei Ishikawa’s DojoAct 1, The Tale of Sensei IshikawaMinor Ranged Charm (Efficiency), 2 Silk
3.The Past Never PassesIzuhara, Hiyoshi Springs – Sensei Ishikawa’s DojoAct 1, The Sensei and the StudentMinor Ranged Charm (Precision), 2 Silk
4.The Way of the BowIzuhara, Hiyoshi Springs – Sensei Ishikawa’s DojoAct 1, The Past Never PassesMinor Defense Charm (Immunity), Flaming Arrow, 2 Silk
5.Dreams of ConquestToyotama, Northeastern Hakutaku ForestAct 2Minor Ranged Charm (Precision), 2 Silk
6.The Ghost and The Demon SenseiToyotama, Kawamata VillageAct 2, Dreams of ConquestMinor Ranged Charm (Swift Return), 2 Silk
7.The Terror of OtsunaToyotama, Western Old Toyotama HillsAct 2, Dreams of ConquestMinor Ranged Charm (Efficiency), 2 Silk
8.Friends in PassingKamiagata, Jogaku TempleAct 3Minor Utility Charm (Fortune II), Half Bow Dye, 2 Silk
9.Laid to RestToyotama, Kazumasa’s IsleAct 3, Friends in Passing, Wolves at the Gates – Jin’s Journey taleMinor Ranged Charm, Half Bow Dye, 2 Silk
Ishikawa Tale Locations Ghost of Tsushima
Ishikawa Tale Locations

Masako Tales List

The Masako tales follow a similar pattern to the Ishikawa ones. The first one is part of the main quest line, 2-4 are done during act 1, 5-8 during act 2, and final one in act 3. Once you’ve finished all of Masako’s side quests, you’ll get the Vengeful Warrior trophy.

1.The Tale of Lady MasakoIzuhara, East from Golden TempleAct 1 – The Warrior’s CodeSamurai Clan Armor
2.The HeadmanIzuhara, Golden TempleAct 1, The Tale of Lady MasakoMinor Utility Charm (Resolve I), 2 Silk
3.The HusbandIzuhara, Adachi Estate, East from Golden TempleAct 1, The HeadmanMinor Melee Charm (Dual Destruction I), 2 Silk
4.The TraitorIzuhara, Survivor Camp, Northeast from Adachi EstateAct 1, The HusbandMinor Melee Charm (Ferocity), Samurai Clan Armor Dye, 2 Silk
5.The FoolToyotama, Umugi CoveAct 2Minor Utility Charm (Ferocity), 2 Silk
6.The Family ManToyotama, Northwest from Lucky Genzo’s InnAct 2, The FoolMinor Melee Charm (Ferocity), 2 Silk
7.The ThiefToyotama, Northern Kawamata VillageAct 2Minor Melee Charm (Bludgeoning), 2 Silk
8.The ConspiratorToyotama, Kushi GrasslandsAct 2Minor Melee Charm (Dual Destruction II), Samurai Clan Armor Dye, 2 Silk
9.The Sister BetrayedToyotama, Fort KaminodakeAct 3, Wolves at the Gates – Jin’s Journey taleAdachi Half Mask, Minor Stealth Charm (The Lost Mind), 2 Silk
All Masako Tale Map Locations Ghost of Tsushima
Masako Tale Map Locations

Kenji Tales Locations

Kenji is one of the most memorable characters in Ghost of Tsushima. He offers three quests. The first one can be done during the first act, while the next two are on the second map, Toyotama, during act 2. This goofy fella was rather amusing to deal with. He also appears in some of the main quests. Unfortunately, there isn’t a trophy related to him.

1.Servant of the PeopleIzuhara, Southwestern corner, North from Kijo IsleAct 1Minor Utility Charm (Well-Being I), 10 Linen
2.Nattou and the Sake SellerToyotama, South from Ruins of Old YarikawaAct 2Minor Melee Charm (Advantage)
3.The Delicate Art of NegotiationToyotama, Umugi CoveAct 2,Minor Defense Charm (Broken Barriers), 6 Leather
All Kenji Tale Locations Map Ghost of Tsushima
Kenji Tale Locations

Norio Tales – Where to find

Norio is an ally who appears at the start of the second act. You can complete almost all of his tales in Toyotoma, with only two being at Kamiagata, during the last act. Completing the quests given by this giant monk with a large weapon will unlock the The Warrior Monk trophy.

1.The Last Warrior MonkToyotama, Akashima VillageAct 2Minor Defense Charm (Resistance II), 2 Silk
2.Three Actions, Three IllusionsToyotama, Akashima VillageAct 2, The Last Warrior MonkMinor Defense Charm (Vitality), 2 Silk
3.Ghosts in the FogToyotama, Akashima VillageAct 2, Three Actions Three IllusionsMinor Defense Charm (Unyielding II), Noble Fighter’s Headband, 2 Silk
4.The Birth of SufferingToyotama, Kushi TempleAct 2
5.The Blood SutraToyotama, Kushi TempleAct 2Minor Defense Charm (Resistance II), 2 Silk
6.The Cause of SufferingToyotama, Kushi TempleAct 2, The Blood SutraMinor Utility Char (Well-Being II), 2 Silk
7.The End of SufferingToyotama, Kushi TempleAct 2, The Cause of SufferingMinor Defense Charm (Fortitude), Clear Summer Headband, 2 Silk
8.The Guardian of TsushimaKamiagata, South from Fort JogakuAct 3Minor Defense Charm (Resistance III), 2 Silk
9.This Threefold WorldKamiagata, Cedar TempleAct 3Minor Defense Charm (Vitality), Chaos Headband, 2 Silk
All Norio Tale Locations Map Ghost of Tsushima
Norio Tale Locations

Yuna Tales in Ghost of Tsushima

All of Yuna’s tales take place during the second act in Toyotama. You can complete them all at the start of the act – it takes around an hour. They are also clustered in one place, which can shorten the time to completion, considering you might not have fast travel points unlocked nearby. Completing all of Yuna’s tales unlocks a trophy called The Headstrong Thief. In the final tale, you’ll fight a boss called Altan and his guards.

1.The Tale of YunaToyotama, Smuggler’s EstuaryAct 2Minor Defense Charm (Rejuvenation), 2 Silk
2.Silent DeathToyotama, Mamushi FarmsteadAct 2, The Tale of YunaMinor Stealth Charm (Hidden Sight), 2 Silk
3.The Black WolfToyotama, Yashinaka BayAct 2, Silent DeathMinor Stealth Charm (Shadows), 2 Silk
4.Message in BloodToyotama, Ichi’s InnAct 2, The Black WolfMinor Range Charm (Swift Return), 2 Silk
All Yuna Tale Locations Map Ghost of Tsushima
Yuna Tale Locations

Yuriko Tales Locations, Rewards & Requirements

Yuriko is probably the last ally you’ll meet. She has two quests, with great rewards. It’s hard to miss these missions, as the first one can be started when you complete the Ghost From the Past main quest. Yuriko will wait for you at the end of that main tale. These two tales don’t unlock a trophy upon completion, but reward you with an emotional story about Jin’s childhood. This is a great opportunity to learn more about his father and mother, and about the great woman called Yuriko.

1.The Proud Do Not EndureToyotama, Kubara ForestAct 2, Ghosts From the Past – Jin’s Journey taleMinor Ranged Char (Yuriko’s Keepsake), Hallucination Dark, 18 Linen
2.The Art of SeeingToyotama, Shimura CemeteryAct 2, The Proud Do Not EndureMinor Ranged Charm (Yuriko’s Keepsake), Bowman’s Straw Hat, 8 Leather
All Yuriko Tale Locations Map Ghost of Tsushima
Yuriko Tale Locations
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