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Yuriko is a character in Ghost of Tsushima who is also the quest giver for two side tales. These two missions, although short, offer a deeper understanding of Jin’s upbringing, and have great emotional impact. For some of us, Yuriko is one of the most memorable characters in Ghost of Tsushima. It’s safe to say that the events described below contain spoilers, so be careful with proceeding. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Ghost of Tsushima Yuriko, her side quests and her importance to the story.

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Yuriko Ghost of Tsushima
Yuriko – Ghost of Tsushima

Yuriko’s General Information

Yuriko is an older woman, a part of the Sakai household, and she appears fairly early on in Ghost of Tsushima. After the fight with Khotun Khan on the wooden bridge, you’ll relive a distressful memory from your early childhood. The memory will then take you to your house, where you are greeted by Yuriko. On your way to your uncle, Yuriko will try to calm you down by saying that your father is the wind at your back, and your mother the birds in the trees.

After this flashback, you won’t be seeing her until Act 2. You’ll meet her again during the “Ghost from the Past” main quest. She also appears as the protagonist of two side tales after the main quest is completed.

Yuriko’s voice actor for the English version is Karen Huie, while in the Japanese version it’s Yuri Tabata.

Yuriko’s Tales – The Proud Do Not Endure & The Art of Seeing

The first tale that can be considered part of Yuriko’s story is “Ghost from the Past”, one of the main quests. You can start this quest during the second act, in Toyotama. It starts when you enter your house in Omi Village. While trying to get what you came for, Yuriko will try to stop you, without realizing who you are. She will be happy to see you, overwhelmed with relief at the news that you’re not dead. Jin will lie to her, saying he came as soon as he could, but we know that’s not true. We’ve been chasing those places of interest, boosting his health and resolve, haven’t we?

The two of you will catch up and you’ll meet Taichi, the other housekeeper. You also get to write one of the three story-related haiku here, reflecting on legacy. It’s important for completing the “Body, Mind and Spirit” trophy, the one that requires the player to collect all haikus, hot springs, Inari shrines and bamboo strikes. Shortly after the haiku, you’ll pick up the Sakai mask and Sakai Clan Armor, one of the outfits in Ghost of Tsushima.

The events of this mission have a big impact later on. Yuriko is know for making poisons for dealing with vermin in the rice, but Jin can use her knowledge to add poison darts to his arsenal. This is also the first time you hear more stories about Jin’s childhood, spent with his father.

The first side quest you get from Yuriko is called “The Proud do not Endure”, and it will reward you with a Hallucination Dart and a minor ranged charm called Yuriko’s Keepsake. This charm gives your arrows a 15% chance to poison enemies.

This tale will give you additional insight into Jin’s past and the time when he was lost in the forest for three days. Kazumasa, his father, is described as terribly frightened by this event, as he was searching for his son for days. While riding to the objective, you’ll find out more about the relationship between Yuriko and your father. The second story-related haiku can be found shortly after.

This tale ends by a waterfall, where Yuriko and Jin reflect on the behavior of his uncle. She compares him to an immovable rock, that yields to water in the end. Jin knows better than to argue with Yuriko, and the tale ends.

The final Yuriko’s tale “The Art of Seeing” starts where the previous one ended, at the Shimura cemetery, just south from the castle. Upon completing the tale, the player will receive a Bowman’s Straw Hat (one of 67 helmets) and another minor ranged charm called “Yuriko’s Keepsake”, which is identical to the one you already got.

At the start of the tale we can see Yuriko’s health is deteriorating further. She promises to see a healer after visiting one special place. Since she hasn’t eaten since the day before, Jin finds it appropriate to feed her boar’s meat. The hunger is promptly forgotten as she urges you to take her to her mother’s grave. This is where the tale ends, and the emotional ride comes to a peak where it lingers.

One of the best cutscenes takes place at the end of Yuriko’s second tale. From her speech, you learn a lot about her past, and the best day of her life. It’s a story that both sad and happy, and may teach the player about the worth of the small things in life. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this story, and I hope all of you did as well.

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