Ghost of Tsushima Traveler's Attire Armor Location Map

Traveler’s Attire is one of the many outfits in Ghost of Tsushima. Unlike most other armors, it will not offer you more protection, or increase your damage. Instead, it will help you find collectibles – most notably, artifacts. There are dozens of those hidden across the game’s vast map, so if you’re interested in getting them all, and unlocking the Know Your Enemy trophy, you’ll want this armor. If you still don’t have it, this guide will show you Traveler’s Attire location in Ghost of Tsushima.

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ghost of tsushima traveler's attire location
Ghost of Tsushima Traveler’s Attire Armor Location

How to get Traveler’s Armor?

The traveler’s attire is pretty much impossible to miss, and it’s probably going to be the first armor you’ll find. You’ll get it as a present from the first merchant you speak to. That’s probably going to be by the road one on the way to Hiyoshi Inn, where you’ll head early on to ask about Ishikawa. He’ll recognize you immediately and give you the outfit to show how happy he is that you’re alive.

Artifact finding armor – Armor that helps you find artifacts

As we’ve mentioned, this armor doesn’t actually make you a better fighter, and it doesn’t increase your chance of survival. What it does is allow you to use a guiding wind to track down artifacts, and makes you controller vibrate when you’re within 30 meters of one. It also increases the radius in which the fog of war clears from the map as you travel, which means you’ll uncover the map more quickly if you decide to stick with it.

It’s a pretty useful outfit, and we recommend sticking with it, changing into other, more battle-appropriate armor when the occasion arises. It won’t do you good in combat, and it won’t help you sneak, but when it comes to exploration, there’s hardly anything more useful than the traveler’s attire.

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