Ghost of Tsushima - You Lack An Item Necessary to Complete This Shrine Climb

When trying to complete Shinto shrine challenges in Ghost of Tsushima, you might get a message saying that you lack an item necessary to complete this shrine climb. There’s no way to progress past it at that point – you’ll first have to obtain a special tool that will allow you to climb higher than ever before. This guide will show you how to get around the you lack an item necessary to complete this shrine climb in Ghost of Tsushima.

Item Needed to Complete the Shrine Climb Ghost of Tsushima
You Lack An Item Necessary to Complete This Shrine Climb

Which item is needed to climb the Shrine?

The item needed to complete the shrine climb is the grappling hook. You’ll get this item during the main story quest called “The Iron Hook”. This is the second to last quest before you head to Castle Kaneda, and the ninth of the main quests. The description says you’ll get the hook as a reward, but you actually use it from the start, as soon as you talk with Taka. Later on, the grapple hook is used in most situations where climbing is involved.

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The places you can use the hook to grab onto are tree trunks with red-white ropes. Most of the times you’ll need to jump toward these trunks for the game to show you the button prompt for grappling. As you press the button at the right time, Jin will throw the hook, and allow you to use the rope tied to it to climb.

There’s no way to get around this requirement – we tried jumping from various vantage points, using the horse to get a running start, climbing up cliffs that obviously weren’t meant to be climbed. You’ll just have to push the story further until you have the hook. Shrines that require it include the Winding Mountain Shrine, Stone Dragon Shrine and Mending Rock Shrine. You can also use it to find loot on top of temples and lighthouses.

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