God of War Muspelheim Realm Tower - How to Get on Top

Muspelheim Realm Tower is a location in God of War. It is located in the south of the Lake of Nine, in Midgard. There is a way to climb to the top of Muspelheim Realm Tower in God of War, but it isn’t immediately obvious. To reach of Muspelheim Realm Tower, you have to take a roundabout path. Some players have been having trouble finding it, so here’s out guide on how to reach the top of God of War Muspelheim Realm Tower.

God of War Muspelheim Realm Tower - How to Get on Top
God of War Muspelheim Realm Tower – How to Get on Top

How to Climb Muspelheim Realm Tower in God of War?

The first step to reaching the top of Muspelheim Realm Tower is to row your boat to the Lookout Tower boat dock, in the south part of the Lake of Nine. Note that the water level has to drop far enough to reach the dock. Once on the shore, climb the cliff on the left. You’ll have to hit the rotating mechanism left of the cliff side to retract the spikes blocking your way. Once on the top, hit the mechanism below again to clear your path forward. Hop across the chasm, and climb the cliff again. On the next platform, there’s a chain to the left leading to a runic chest. However, we’re heading right, up the cliff again.

Once you reach the next platform, you’ll notice a strung rope leading downwards. Zipline across it, and you’ll end up on a beach with some enemies and a Jotnar shrine. Hope across the chasm and climb the ladder to finally reach the door to Muspelheim Realm Tower. There’s a chest in front of the door. Beyond it are some braziers to light, a Traveler to fight, an elevator leading down to a dock, and a Mystic Gate.

This is the route that we took to the top of the Muspelheim Realm Tower. There might be a shorter path that we have missed. Please, feel free to share your findings in the comments. Also, check out our other God of War guides, including Post Game Content – What To Do After You Beat The Game, How to Defeat Valkyries – Prove Your Valour Quest, and others.

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  1. G
    Gregory Trifonov

    I’m at the end of the game where the water is high and I can’t reach muspelheim tower. HOW DO I REACH IT NOW?

    1. M
      Mor Merhav

      Same here. I think it’s impossible. We are screwed.

      1. J

        I have no clue what you guys have encountered. You can absolutely reach Muspelheim Tower after you’ve wrapped up the story.

      2. J
        Jeremy Schmid

        The water rises again at the end. It either didn’t for me or a just didn’t notice it

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