God of War Post Game Content - What To Do After You Beat The Game

Post game content in God of War is what you can do after you beat the game. Although it’s unlocked before you cross the finishing line, the gravity of the challenge is what clearly puts it in the endgame category. It consists of the trials in the realms of Muspelheim and Niflheim, and the Vaklyrie boss fights. All of it is done in preparation of taking on Valkyrie queen Sigrun in the High Council quest. In this guide, we’re going to take you through the entirety of God of War post game content, to show you what you can expect.

god of war post game content
God of War Post Game Content – What To Do After You Beat The Game

Muspelheim trials

In order to access the realm of fire, you’ll have to collect four Muspelheim Cipher Pieces. The realm consists of six arenas – the first five are filled with trials, while the last one is home to the local Valkyrie boss. You’ll have to clear the challenges in order – two in each arena – before you can fight the boss.

Arena 1 has a Time Attack, where you have to kill enemies in the alloted time, and Resurrection, where you have to kill enemies quickly or they’ll respawn. Arena 2 starts off by asking you to survive for five minutes in Survival, then throws Stunner at you, in which enemies regenerate health quickly, so you have to stun them in order to kill them. Arena 3 begins with Shield Breaker, in which you have to kill adds to break down the mini-boss’ shield, then progresses onto Kill Location, in which you have to kill enemies when they’re inside the designated area.

Arena 4 has the 100 Enemy Challenge, in which you have to beat one hundred enemies, and the Protector trial, which makes you stop enemies from grabbing Atreus. Arena 5 starts off with Time Slips Away, where killing enemies adds seconds to the timer, then goes on to Untouchable, in which you mustn’t get hit.

You then fight the boss, and when you defeat her, you unlock the impossible challenges. There’s one in each of the previous arenas, and they’re basically much harder versions of the ones you already did – Untouchable, Time Attack, Kill Location, Stunner, Time Slips Away. When you complete three of them, you’ll have enough keys to return to the boss room and take on Arena 6 Gauntlet, which “just” a matter of defeating all the enemies the game throws at you. Once you’re done, you’ll get the Fire and Brimstone trophy, and you can continue farming the impossible ones until you’re sick of them.

Niflheim challenges

To get to the realm of fog, you’ll have to collect the Niflheim Cipher Pieces from Midgard. The goal in this area is to enter Ivaldi’s Workshop, which is in the center of it, and close the three realm tears found within. However, in order to close each tear, you’ll need a certain amount of mist echos and an anchor of fog. The former are earned from killing enemies in Niflheim, while the latter are obtained from chests in the area.

Effectively, this means you’ll have to clear the whole realm whether you like it or not. You won’t be able to do it all at once, though, as the cursed mist will gnaw at you and kill you if you stay too long. Ivaldi’s workshop is also home to several legendary chests, which you’ll only be able to open by depositing certain amounts of Mist Echoes. Once you’ve closed the tears, plundered the chests and defeated the local boss, you’ll unlock the Darkness and Fog trophy.

Valkyrie boss fights

The Valkyrie are the strongest bosses in the game, and they’re clearly meant to be and end-game challenge. There are nine of them. One is in Muspelheim, another in Niflheim, while the rest are waiting in hidden chambers across Midgard. We suggest you clear out Niflheim first, as the armor you’ll get there will be of great help when dealing with these tough bosses. Once you’ve killed the eight of them, you’ll have to bring their helmets to the High Council and face the Valkyrie queen Sigrun.

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