Adopt Me Basic Egg Explained

If you need the Adopt Me Basic Egg explained, you’ve come to the right place. Nobody is blaming you for being confused, considering that the developers haven’t really given an in-game explanation of what the Basic Eggs are and what they’re for. Well, we’ll explain everything you need to know in this guide.

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adopt me basic egg explained
Adopt Me Basic Egg Explained

Basic Egg in Adopt Me

The Basic Eggs in Adopt Me are… pretty much exactly what they sound like. They are the standard egg types that you can hatch new pets from. The reason that it’s been everywhere lately is because the developers have planned a Basic Egg refresh and have put a giant banner in the middle of the square. However, they haven’t really explained what it’s all about. Well, see, the upcoming update is going to introduce fourteen brand-new pets to Adopt Me. They are what you’ll be finding in all eggs after the refresh update launches. All of the old pets, on the other hand, will go into Retired Eggs (check out our Adopt Me Retired Egg Explained guide for more help with those).

So, that’s really the most important thing to know about the Adopt Me Basic Egg refresh update. The fourteen new pets will “drop” from all eggs from now on, and all the old ones will be relegated to Retired Eggs. The other important matter to cover is when this refresh is going to happen. Well, fortunately, the official website has a countdown that you can follow. Basically, it’s going to come out on Thursday, July 21st at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET / 4 PM BST / 5 PM CEST. Lastly, what are some of the new pets coming to Adopt Me, I hear you ask? Well, they include the legendary Dragonfly, a swordfish, a camel, a sheep, a poodle, an ant, an orangutan, a budgie, some kind of robot, a mouse, and my favorite animal in the world – a corgi.

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