Among Us Black Screen Stuck At Start Up Error Fix

Among Us getting stuck at the black screen at start up error is a problem that many players have been encountering. What happens is Among Us stops at a black screen when booting up the game, even though you can hear the sounds of the menu. Fortunately, there is a fairly simple way to fix this error. That’s exactly what we’ll be showing you in our Among Us Black Screen Stuck At Start Up Error Fix guide.

among us black screen stuck at start up error fix
Among Us Black Screen Stuck At Start Up Error Fix

How to Fix Among Us Stuck on Black Screen Start Up Crash Error?

To fix the issue where Among Us gets stuck on a black screen at start-up, there are two things that you can try. The first one is to switch out of the game and then come back. In other words, press Alt + Tab to switch to a different window, then hit the same keys again to return. This should work. If it doesn’t, there’s another thing you should attempt. Namely, this black screen thing can be an issue with resolution. So, you have to go into Windowed Mode by pressing Alt + Enter. If the game starts working properly, hit the same keys again to go back to Fullscreen Mode.

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If neither of these solutions work, you just have to restart the game and hope for the best. Restarting Steam entirely might also help, but we can’t guarantee it will. Now, mind you, these fixes are only for PC. They only apply for when you boot the game up and it gets stuck on the black screen, but you still hear the menu music. If you encounter the black screen on Android or iOS, then that’s a completely different problem. We’re not sure how to fix the black screen on mobile devices, unfortunately, aside from restarting the app until it works.

So, that’s how you fix Among Us getting stuck on the black screen at start up. If you have some solution for the black screen while playing Among Us on Android and iOS, let us know in the comments. Just keep it civil.

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  1. D

    Hi! Thanks for the tutorial but unfortunately it doesnt worked for me. Ive tried a lot of times, reinstalled the game, etc… nothing! Sometimes its the black screen with sounds, other times a transparent screen. Any hint? I have a very old PC… windows 7 starter, pentium dual core 2.3ghz and a 2gb ram. I think is enough for Among Us, isn’t? Thanks!

    1. A

      Same Problem.

    2. J
      John Etherington

      Same for me!

  2. (

    Mine doesn’t have a black screen but has huge black text saying ‘ong us’. Then crashes. I play on iPad 4.

  3. P

    Once I start a game and push the start button it will say starting in 5,4… and then my screen will go black and takes me to the home screen of my phone. I play on an iPhone five and i tried deleting some pics and a few apps that I won’t use but that’s apparently not the problem any advice? Thanks.

    1. P

      Also when I join a game it will work for literally a second and then take me back to my home screen. I am the same comment from above. Help

  4. D
    Daniel Ralls

    Solution for android atm is to click the beta button in google play. The beta version changes from this bug to other bugs, but mostly lets you play!

  5. L

    Min is the same but min is android. But why do us hi put on the website then

  6. B
    Ben Loftsgard

    For some reason I go in the game and it gets stuck on log in screen.
    It’s a good game and I love playing it, but it doesn’t let me in!

  7. U

    same i have a Dell Insprion 1440 with windows 7 ultimate sp1, intel core duo 2, 2.13GHz, 4gb of ram but when i open the game i see a transparent screen and i hear the sounds pls help.

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