Destiny 2 Beyond Light Europa Cinematic Trailer Revealed

Beyond Light, the next expansion for Destiny 2, is creeping ever closer to release. So, of course, Bungie has started releasing new promo materials to whet the appetites of Guardians the world over. The newest trailer revolves around one of Jupiter’s moons, Europa. The nightmarish frozen wasteland harbors many secrets, and the video hints at many of them, but reveals none. Makes for some killer synthwave covers, though.

destiny 2 beyond light europa cinematic trailer revealed
Destiny 2 Beyond Light Europa Cinematic Trailer Revealed

“A desolate wasteland where every gust of frozen wind whispers long-lost secrets and further buries the mysteries beneath your feet. You arrive on the heels of a dark empire that grows in power. Stand against the blizzard and press on, Guardian. Eramis must be stopped.” That’s how the official web page for Destiny 2 Beyond Light Europa describes the new location we’ll be exploring, as well as what nightmares await us there.

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The map of Europa is going to feature five new major locations, and we have brief descriptions of each of them. Every single one makes plenty mention of snow, ice, desolation and death. Oh, and let’s not forget ancient eldritch secrets of unusually geometric nature.

  • Eventide Ruins – What remains of Clovis Bray’s colony, once home to thousands of settlers
  • Asterion Abyss – The very tip of Vex structures that lie buried in the ice of Europa
  • Cadmus Ridge – A snowy landscape that houses the last-known location of the Bray Exoscience facility
  • Charon’s Crossing – the site of Europa’s communication center and the origin of a distress signal sent by Variks
  • Beyond – “An old friend awaits us in this clearing that overlooks the conflict between Light and Dark”

That’s about as far as Bungie is prepared to show us. Probably for the better, since they’re really banking on Europa being the place of many truths that lie dormant, waiting to be uncovered. The Beyond Light expansion is coming out on November 10th, across all platforms that Destiny is available on. And yes, of course it will be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. In the meantime, you can check out the new trailer below.

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