Among Us New Roles - Shapeshifter, Guardian Angel, Scientist, Engineer

Big news for Among Us fans, as new roles have been added to the game! These include the Shapeshifter, Guardian Angel, Scientist, and Engineer. The Shapeshifter is an Imposter role, while the Guardian Angel, Scientist, and Engineer are all Crewmates roles. Note that their inclusion does not prohibit you from being an “ordinary” Crewmate or Imposter. Thanks to their special abilities, they provide some much-needed change to the game’s formula. Our Among Us New Roles – Shapeshifter, Guardian Angel, Scientist, Engineer guide will explain how each new role functions and how to best use it.

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Among Us New Roles - Shapeshifter, Guardian Angel, Scientist, Engineer

Shapeshifter Among Us New Role

The Shapeshifter is probably the most interesting new role. As its name suggests, this Impostor role gives you the ability to assume the appearance of a living crewmate. I’m sure that we don’t have to point out how useful this can be in sowing confusion. However, be warned, as the disguise won’t last for too long, and you will leave evidence behind when you shapeshift.

Among Us Guardian Angel Role

The Guardian Angel is a role whose true potential is revealed after they’ve died. As a ghost, you can now put up a temporary protective shield that will guard Crewmates against Impostor attacks.

Among Us Scientist Role

Another Crewmate role, the Scientist can check to see the health of the characters in the game – potentially revealing if anyone has died. To be able to use the device which tells them this, they will need to fill up its battery by completing the various tasks on the map.

Engineer Among Us New Role

Like the “vanilla” Imposter, the Crewmate Engineer can also use vents to move around. Of course, you should be very careful when using this option, since you don’t want other characters to see you and mistake you for an Imposter.

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