Back 4 Blood Remove Attachments from Weapons

One of the most pressing questions in Back 4 Blood is how to remove the attachments from weapons. Every weapon has four slots, and the attachments you put in these increase the stats of the weapon, such as damage, ammo capacity, and so on. However, not every weapon is compatible with every attachment. Back 4 Blood is currently in Open Beta, so everything is subject to change pending player feedback, including this system. In the meantime, our Back 4 Blood Remove Attachments From Weapons guide will answer every question you may have concerning this gameplay mechanic.

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Back 4 Blood Remove Attachments From Weapons

How to Remove Attachments Back 4 Blood

Currently, there’s only one way for you to remove your weapon attachments in Back 4 Blood. Unfortunately, it isn’t all that convenient or user-friendly. Namely, to be able to drop one attachment, you need to find another one of its type. Attachments can be found in supply crates, or bought before the start of the level. So, when you pick up a new attachment of the same type as the one you’ve already got on your weapon, the old one will then automatically drop to the ground. While it’s definitely frustrating, you can’t pick up an attachment and have it in your inventory to put it on another weapon when you choose to do so. A fellow teammate can potentially pick up the attachment you just dropped, but other than that, there isn’t any other way for you to make use of these.

While this mechanic provides the game with a certain amount of necessary strategizing, it’s quite possible that it will be completely changed – or at least modified in some way – once the complete version of the game is released on October 12th. Until then, we will simply have to learn to play the game even though we lack the direct Back 4 Blood Remove Attachments From Weapons mechanic.

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