Best Healer in Cookie Run Kingdom 2022

Knowing who is the best healer in Cookie Run Kingdom in 2022 is pretty valuable information, especially when you start hitting higher levels. Having a cookie that can reliably restore health to your party will determine whether you’ll be able to beat certain stages at all. That’s why we’ve decided to put together this guide, in which we’ll show you some of the best healers in CRK.

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best healer in cookie run kingdom 2022
Best Healer in Cookie Run Kingdom 2022

Who is The Best Healer in Cookie Run Kingdom 2022

The best healer in Cookie Run Kingdom in 2022, at time of writing, is undoubtedly Pure Vanilla Cookie. No real surprise there, since it’s an Ancient Cookie. Granted, he can’t really do much beyond healing and shielding others, which means the rest of the party needs to be carefully chosen. Also, you need to deck it out with good toppings to maximize his abilities (more on that in our Pure Vanilla Cookie Toppings guide). The shorter his cooldown, the better. Either way, when it comes to pure numbers, Pure Vanilla definitely comes out on top.

The second best healer is definitely Herb Cookie. His numbers are very close to Pure Vanilla’s, and depending on the build, Herb can even outperform him. Plus, Herb is an Epic cookie, meaning that your odds of getting him are better. In contrast to Pure Vanilla, he is more about removing debuffs than placing shields. When it comes to restoring health, Herb is definitely one of the best healers in Cookie Run Kingdom in 2022. In fact, when trying to beat Stage 11-27, he can easily replace Vanilla.

There are other healers in the game that are viable choices, but there’s a pretty steep drop-off from the first two. These include Parfait Cookie, Cotton Cookie, and Sparkling Cookie. In fact, Sparkling is a really good choice, but the downside is the cost of getting him. Aside from that, he’s pretty efficient. Parfait and Cotton are not as great numbers-wise, but they can do more than just heal, which does raise their value.

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