Candy Diver Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

As part of the latest Legend of the Duskgloom Sea update for Cookie Run Kingdom, we are getting some new playable Cookies. This is in addition to the two Cookies that have already been released earlier this month. One of these brand-new Cookies is none other than Candy Diver Cookie. This very unique Cookie is a Support type that is positioned in the Rear. If you want to know more about Candy Diver Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom, then this guide is here to tell everything we currently know about them.

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Candy Diver Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom
Candy Diver Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom Candy Diver Epic Cookie

Along with Captain Caviar and Black Pearl Cookie, Candy Diver Cookie is the third, and Squid Ink Cookie is the fourth Cookie to be released in this update. Candy Diver Cookie is an Epic Cookie of the Support type and their location is in the Rear. Candy Diver uses They/Them pronouns. Probably the most interesting thing about this Cookie is that they, despite being voiced, don’t communicate through their voice. Instead, they “speak” via body language and various onomatopoeia sounds such as water plops.

Candy Diver Cookie isn’t aware that they are a ghost and have been one for a long, long time. Their body was once made up of candy gumballs, but now only two remain (their eyes), swirling around in a pool of sparkling soda water. Though, as far as they are concerned, this isn’t a problem, and they are simply continuing the life they had before, and are happy to search for treasures and ocean creatures.

Cookie Run Kingdom Candy Diver Cookie Toppings

The best toppings choice for Candy Diver Cookie is to go all in on Sweet Candy. As this topping amplifies buffs, it makes for an ideal topping choice for Candy Diver Cookie.

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