Clash Royale Update Not Available, Updating Loop Problem 2022

In our Clash Royale Update Not Available, Updating Loop Problem 2022 guide, we are going to explain how to fix this issue. It is an annoying problem to run into when you’re trying to get your mitts on new content, especially if any of it is time-sensitive. So, without any further ado, let’s dive straight in.

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clash royale update not available updating loop problem 2022
Clash Royale Update Not Available, Updating Loop Problem 2022

How to Fix Clash Royale Updating Loop, Update Not Available

There are two ways to fix the Clash Royale updating loop, or the Update Not Available “error.” The first and easiest one is to manually update the game through your app store. So, instead of doing it through the Clash Royale app, head into your app store and search for Clash Royale. From there, it’s easy to kick-start the update yourself rather than relying on the game to do it itself. Just tap the Update button. Now, if that doesn’t work, there is another way. It’s a little more complicated, but nothing too bad. We are going to cover how to do it on Android, but I’m pretty sure a similar set of steps exists on iOS. Feel free to let us know in the comments (as long as you keep it civil).

So, the second way to fix the Clash Royale Update not Available / updating loop issue is to first go into your Settings, then into Apps. Find and select the Google Play Store and hit Clear Data. Depending on your Android version, you might need to tap Storage before you get the Clear Data option. Then, do the same set of steps but for Download Manager instead of the Google Play Store. After you complete these steps, restart your mobile device. You should now be able to update the game through the app store as we’ve explained up top. The latest update is definitely worth getting, since it’s gonna bring two new powerful cards, the Monk and the Phoenix.

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