When Does Fall Guys Season 1 End

If you need to know when is the Fall Guys Season 1 end date, we’ve got you covered. We’ll give you the exact end date for the first Free for All season of Fall Guys in this guide. We’re also going to cover how many Show-Bucks you’ll need to earn in order to purchase the next battle pass for free. While we’re at it, we’ll just touch on the plethora of rewards you can earn in both the free and premium passes.

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when does fall guys season 1 end
When Does Fall Guys Season 1 End

Fall Guys Season 1 End Date

The end date for Fall Guys Season 1 is August 29th. So, that’s how long you have to complete as many tiers of the current battle pass as you can and earn as many rewards as possible. There is a total of a hundred tiers in the pass, only fifty of which are free. If you want to earn enough Show-Bucks to get the next battle pass for free, you are going to have to shell the money out now. You can earn about five to six hundred Show-Bucks through the free pass, and the premium pass costs nine hundred and fifty Show-Bucks. Even with the premium pass, keep in mind that you’ll have to do quite a lot of daily and weekly challenges to earn enough Show-Bucks for the next one.

And there you have it, that’s the date when the Fall Guys Season 1 is going to end. When August 29th rolls around, we’ll probably see a whole new theme, and a brand new battle pass with fresh rewards to earn. The current pass offers a plethora of cosmetic items (including the Ezio skin that you get as soon as you purchase the premium pass), emotes, banners, and so on. Of course, specific tiers also reward you with either Kudos (which is now all-but-useless) and the aforementioned Show-Bucks (aka the new, premium currency, the only one that really matters anymore). Don’t be surprised if the next pass adjusts the amount of Show-Bucks and Kudos earned if it turns out that the current balance turns out to be “too much.”

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