Festive Fish Disney Dreamlight Valley

Don’t know how to get Festive Fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley? The latest Update 2 – Missions in Uncharted Space introduces a whole lot of new content – new quests, items, recipes and many secrets. Without a doubt, we can say that five new Festive Fishes are the biggest secret for Disney Dreamlight Valley fans. Many people want to know how to catch these new fishes, or when they appear. Thus, let’s start with everything we know and have tested so far.

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Festive Fish Disney Dreamlight Valley
Festive Fish Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to get Festive Fish Disney Dreamlight Valley

As we’ve already mentioned, there are five Festive Fishes in the game. In the list below you can find where you can catch these fishes:

  • Festive Anglerfish – Forgotten Lands
  • Festive Bass – Peaceful Meadow
  • Festive Fugu – Dazzle Beach (only when raining)
  • Festive Salmon – Sunlit Plateau
  • Festive Squid – Glade of Trust

We have to admit that we couldn’t wait any more, thus, we used time travel and finally unlocked Festive fish! Their bubbling circles are easy to spot, just look for green and pink, bubbling fishing circles.

Also, we have finally unlocked Stitch and found out how to get Coffee Beans!

Now comes the hard part. For the last nine hours we have been trying to catch any of Festive Fishes. Unfortunately, we have to admit that our attempt was unsuccessful. We even tried to use special potion on our poles and the result was the same – no success. We also thought that the fish might appear during the day or night. But, the result was the same again. The only conclusion is that the Festive Fishes are still not in the game. We read several reddit posts, asked people on the official Disney Dreamlight Valley discord, but always got the same answer. No one has catch the Festive fish! Our conclusion is that the fishes will be available later in December or during the Christmas season. We think that on Christmas Eve or Christmas we’ll be able to share gifts with villagers and probably this is the period when the festive fishes will become available.

If you have any other information, or idea please share it with us and the rest of the Disney Dreamlight Valley community in the comments bellow. Thank you!

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  1. R

    I wish it was more clear how to catch the festive fish, considering several villagers have them listed as their “favourite items” and some of those need to be given to complete the festive quests as part of the event making some things take longer and be harder than necessary. So i think if the festive fish aren’t appearing because they’re not meant to until later on in decemeber they shouldn’t be favourite gifted items for villagers.

    1. E

      I have caught 5 festive fish

  2. C

    In the base game before these updates some favorites were the pickled fish even if you hadn’t met Anna yet and had the chance for her to teach you the recipe. In the Halloween update some favorites were the candy 5 days before it showed up in-game. I love the game, but there are some unexplained issues that are causing frustration. I stopped playing for a week to let my stress level drop.

    1. W

      I wholeheartedly agree with most of what you said, other than the recipe part – you don’t need the recipes to be handed to you, you can try and figure them out on your own from the Collection menu, or just google them if you prefer that. 🙂 They really should find a way to “block” out some of the favourite items though, I’ve seen them ask for eel which isn’t even in the game to begin with…

  3. A

    I have the festive fish as a gift item for Donald. Either that’s a glitch, or they must be available somehow

    1. G
      Ginger Burns

      Star path is requiring me to gift Donald his favorite things and one of them is the festive bass. Why give me a task where one of the things is impossible? Have you all tried fishing for them with your rod all potion’d up? Because this is a simple task that should only take two days and now it’ll take me 3, unless he continues to ask for festive things multiple times.

  4. F

    I have the festive fish! Even had them 12 hours ago. Maybe it’s because I live in Sweden or I play on switch

  5. C

    I am thinking the lack of festive fish is a glitch. Otherwise why would Donald and others be asking for them long before Christmas

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