The Final Four SBC FIFA 22

The FIFA 22 Final Four SBC is one of the squad building challenges you can complete in Hybrid Nations. It has a laundry list of requirements that your team has to meet, and it’s really tricky; they really ask a lot out of you. It takes a lot of thinking and planning to pull it off. Or just keep reading our The Final Four SBC FIFA 22 guide, that should work just as well.

the final four sbc fifa 22
The Final Four SBC FIFA 22

How to Complete FIFA 22 Final Four SBC

To complete the Final Four SBC in the FIFA 22 Hybrid Nations challenges, your team needs to meet a number of different requirements. Specifically, you need to have exactly four countries or regions represented in your team, but with a number of caveats. You have to have a maximum of four players from the same country or region, a maximum of four players from the same club, and a minimum of four Rare players. On top of that, you need to scrape up a minimum Team Overall Rating of seventy and a Team Chemistry of at least eighty. That’s quite the list.

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The best way to pull it of is to have three Gold players from the same country or club in the triangle in the middle, aka the two CMs and the CAM. Next, place one more Gold player from any club or country on the right CB position. As for the other two center-backs and the goalkeeper, they can be bronze, but do keep them from the same country or club. Lastly, to complete the FIFA 22 Final Four SBC, for the left-middle and center-forwards, use three bronze players from the same club or country, and then put a silver player from the same club or country in the right-middle.

If you need more help with this particular challenge, check out ItzKbo’s video below. He has a great breakdown with examples. If you’re having trouble with anything else in the game, check out some of our other FIFA 22 guides, such as How to Complete Six of the Best SBC, How to Do Explosive Sprint Speed Boost, and Best Starter Nation.

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