Fire Emblem Engage Jean Best Class

Jean is one of the more popular characters in Fire Emblem Engage. He starts off as a Martial Monk, but is that really the optimal way to build him, or should you switch him to another class? Well, in this guide, we’re going to answer what is the best class for Jean in Fire Emblem Engage. To do this, we’ll be looking at his initial stats, stat progression, and which combat roles he excels at in FE Engage.

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Fire Emblem Engage Jean Best Class
Fire Emblem Engage Jean Best Class

Best Class for Jean in Fire Emblem Engage

You’ll be able to recruit Jean during the Paralogue: Budding Talent, which becomes available in Chapter 6. Once you have done that, you’re going to see that he is a Martial Monk, a Base Class that focuses on martial arts and healing. His base stats are: HP 19, Strength 4, Magic 5, Dexterity 10, Speed 7, Defense 4, Resistance 8, Luck 3, and Build 3. And his stat growth is as follows: HP 50, Strength 20, Magic 20, Dexterity 35, Speed 40, Defense 25, Resistance 20, Luck 25, and Build 5. As you can see, they’re not really all that good when compared to characters such as Yunaka or Anna. In fact, they’re some of the lowest stats in the game. So what is the best course of action here?

Well, it boils down to one of two choices. You can either have Jean become a High Priest or a Martial Master. Let’s see the pros and cons of both choices. In Chapter 12, you’re going to get a character (we don’t want to spoil who that is) that’s a High Priest. As that character has better stats than Jean, they’re simply a better overall High Priest than him. So that leaves Martial Master. This class has the Diffuse Healer ability, which makes his healing even better. It’s best to think of Martial Master as a stronger Martial Monk, making this the best class choice for Jean in FE Engage.

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