FNAF Security Breach Monty Decommission

To decommission Monty in FNAF Security Breach, you need to unlock the way to his arena and then defeat him in a boss fight. While you can technically avoid this battle completely, it is necessary to complete to get some of the “hidden” endings. In our FNAF Security Breach Monty Decommission guide, we’ll explain how to get to the gator animatronic and how to beat it.

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fnaf security breach monty decommission
FNAF Security Breach Monty Decommission

How to Decommission FNAF Security Breach Monty

To decommission Monty in FNAF Security Breach, the first step is to get the Party Pass. You can do this fairly early in the game, or near the end, either is good. With the Party Pass in had, head to the second floor on the east side of the atrium and into Monty’s Gator Golf. Head into the store, through its side door, down the hallway, and open the first door on the left. That’s the security room; collect the Fiz Camera, Security Badge, and Mazercise Ticket.

Next, double back to the Atrium and head into the Daycare Center and proceed below the stage of Superstar Theater. Bring Freddy along. Grab the Mazercise Control Key and hop into Freddy for protection against the animatronics that will spawn. Now, go to the top floor of the Atrium and into Mazercise. Next, to decommission Monty in FNAF Security Breach, Complete the puzzle to open the way into the vent. It will lead you to the area above Monty’s Gator Golf.

As soon as you exit the vents, Monty will make his entrance. To defeat him, you need to fill up the Splash Bucket, aka the big thing that all the arrows are pointing to. How do you do that? By aiming and firing the bright green turrets into the bucket. Each turret has ten shots before it needs to recharge, and the whole while, Monty will be attacking you and destroying the guns you need. When the bucket’s meter is full, dash towards it to trigger the cutscene, after which Monty will be dead. Take the claws and put them on Freddy; you’ll need to do this to get one of the FNAF Security Breach endings.

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