How to Save in Maneater

Saving your game in Maneater is a relatively simple thing; so simple, that it can get a little confusing. People are wondering how exactly saving Maneater works, including whether they can save manually, how saving works in general, etc. More importantly, there’s a kind of bug that either erases saves or just doesn’t trigger the autosave, causing people to lose progress. Well, we’ll attempt to straighten things out with our How to Save in Maneater guide.

How to Save in Maneater
How to Save in Maneater

Maneater – How to Save Game?

To save your game in Maneater, you don’t have to do anything yourself. In fact, there’s no real way to manually save while you’re in the game. Instead, Maneater employs a pretty decent autosave system that triggers pretty much whenever you achieve something. I’m talking completing quests, completing hunts and boss fights, the works. So, while you might not be able to quit exploring an area as you please, I don’t think it’ll impact your play too much.

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All that said, the most reliable way to save your game is to go back to your base of operations, aka the grotto. Whenever you go back in there to do some upgrading (or whatever other reason), that will trigger the autosave. That’s a nice place to end your gaming session for the day, for example. That segues us to our next point.

How to Save Game in Grotto in Maneater?

To save your game in the grotto in Maneater, there’s nothing at all that you have to do. The game should autosave as soon as you go inside. That is, unless you’ve done, like, absolutely nothing between two visits. Otherwise, if you use the grotto only to upgrade and maybe park your shark for the night, the autosave will work like a dream.

Well, that’s not entirely true. There seems to be a bug that prevents the autosave from working, causing people to lose progress; sometimes, to the point of sending them back to the very beginning of the game. Let’s briefly discuss that, shall we?

Autosave Not Working in Maneater – What to Do?

As we’ve said, the autosave function in Maneater is a little dodgy. The problems seem to happen mostly in the PlayStation 4 version, but nobody is really safe. This issue is known to the developers, and they are presumably working on fixing it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the only thing you can do is keep an eye out for the saving icon in the upper right corner. You might lose some progress here and there still, so keep that in mind.

So, that’s pretty much all we’ve got for saving your game in Maneater. If you need more assistance, allow me to redirect you to some of our other guides. Like, for example, Infamy Rank 10 Boss Hunter Capt. Robert Brunlett – How to Beat, Stuck At Level 20 Adult, and Muskie Business Hunted Muskellunge Location.

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  1. L
    Lloyd Reyneke

    Please also include the fact that Microsoft refuse to refund the product.

  2. J
    Jay Berndt

    Love the game but my game is bugged to the point where in one play through 6-7 hours i got to level 16. Went to grotto plenty of times completed quests all sorts of stuff logged off for the night woke up and started up the game and set me back all the way to beginning of game very sad:(

  3. J

    Found a quick fix I’ve been set back multiple times and found that fast traveling an absurd amount of times will eventually save your progress.

    1. Z

      Thank you so much

  4. M

    I had the same problem, so i panic exited the game and when it came back my progress had returned. I have since been fast traveling any chance i get and am super paranoid around dying afraid ill lose all the progress again. Fingers crossed that will do it.

  5. H

    I recently got this game for my son. He has completed alot but the game is not saving Most of his achievements. It saves some of them but not all so when he turns the game back on he has to redo everything. The game isn’t saving when it should be. What do I do to fix this?

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