Maneater Infamy Rank 10 Boss Hunter Capt. Robert Brunlett - How to Beat

Infamy Rank 10 Hunter in Maneater, Captain Robert Brunlett, is one of the tougher bosses that you’ll have to defeat in the game. However, there is a little thing you can do to make your battle against the Maneater Infamy Rank 10 hunter much easier. In our Maneater Infamy Rank 10 Boss Hunter Capt. Robert Brunlett – How to Beat guide, we’re gonna give you some pointers to make this fight significantly easier.

Maneater Infamy Rank 10 Boss Hunter Capt Robert Brunlett How to Beat
Maneater Infamy Rank 10 Boss Hunter Capt. Robert Brunlett – How to Beat

How to Defeat Infamy Rank 10 Hunter in Maneater – Captain Robert Brunlett?

To defeat Captain Robert Brunlett, the Infamy Rank 10 hunter, you have to dive under his boat and destroy the electrical coil below. This is going to make the battle substantially easier. Basically, there will be several ships out to get you, and the one called USCG Command Boat is, obviously, the main one. That’s where Captain Brunlett is gonna be, after all. It has a blue circle around the boat, so there’s no way you’ll miss it. If you need a visual aid, take a gander at the screenshots below.

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The coil makes an electrical shield around the boat, which both lowers the damage that you do to the ship, and deals damage to you. It’s a huge disadvantage. So, once it’s down, it really turns the tides of the battle, and fast. That isn’t to say that the fight is easy from there; you have to take Captain Brunlett and his men very seriously as hunters. However, knocking the coil out turns it into a regular, if difficult fight against a boat. Deal with it as you normally would, just don’t take it for granted.

That’s about all there is to it when it comes to your fight with Captain Brunlett, aka the Infamy Rank 10 Hunter, in Maneater. If you need more help with the game, check out some of our other guides on the subject. To name a few, we’ve written Stuck At Level 20 Adult, Muskie Business Hunted Muskellunge Location, and Infamy Rank & Threat Level – How To Increase.

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