Maneater Stuck At Level 20 Adult

Maneater has a curious progression system, in which you accrue levels in order to advance in age, but sometimes have to fulfill other conditions as well. For instance, some players have been complaining about getting past the adult stage, and getting stuck at level 20. There’s a simple solution for this, thankfully, and we’re going to show it to you in our Maneater stuck at level 20 adult guide.

maneater stuck at level 20 adult
Maneater Stuck At Level 20 Adult

Stuck at adult, can’t progress

Once you’ve reached level 20, you’re supposed to advance from adult to elder. It’s a big day in the life of any shark, however, it won’t just happen on its own. Even after you’ve reached the required level, you won’t automatically turn elder. Going to the grotto won’t help, either. Instead, what you need to do is progress the main story until a mission pushes you into the next stage.

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Basically, just keep playing the game and you’ll get there. The same things might happen to you at different age gates – we also got stuck at level 10, when you’re supposed to turn from a teen into an adult. Just doing some more story missions, eating a few more unsuspecting folks and generally doing shark things helps.

If you’re can’t think of any shark things to do while you’re waiting to hit that cap, grow up and become a real boy, we’ve got some suggestions. You could try to raise your infamy rank and fight some fancy bounty hunters. You could start hoovering all the collectibles you’re missing in areas like Fawtick Bayou and Sapphire Bay. Landmarks are especially useful, as they unlock some nice evolutions, and many of them are fun references to fun things. There is plenty to do, even though the game clocks in at around ten hours for the average player.

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