Love Story Merge Mansion Explained

Not sure how to get Love Story in Merge Mansion? Want to know how to make a Newborn Baby? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Love Story is one of the very few narrative-related items in your favourite merging game. Given that it is a rare occasion to have story elements in Merge Mansion, whenever a bit of it appears in the game, it always gets us excited. In this guide, we explain what you need in order to make Love Story in order to get access to the Romantic Spot area.

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Merge Mansion Love Story Explained

How to Make Love Story in Merge Mansion

While we can not help you with getting a Love Story in your real life, we certainly can when it comes to making it in Merge Mansion. Before everything else, you will first need to get a Locket. And lockets can be obtained from Level 1 Vases, which shouldn’t be hard to get. Vases are drops from a Level 4 Drawer when tapped. Level 4 Drawers can also drop Pot Fragments, but Level 1 Vase has a much higher drop rate. Now that we know a chain of things you’ll need to obtain, let’s see what’s our next step.

Well now, all that has left is to simply level your Locket up to level 5 and tap on it. This will create Private Handsome (Level 1 Love Story). You’ll need quite a few Lockers in this process of merging up to level 5, so just be patient. As we can see, they are not a particularly easy thing to get. But, if you like to have more story elements in Merge Mansion, it’s well worth your effort and time. And, if you level up your Love Story all the way to level 1, you’ll get Newborn Baby, which will unlock the Romantic Spot area.

How to Make Love Story in Merge Mansion
How to Make Love Story in Merge Mansion (Image Credit: Ryan via Discord)

Love Story itself can be upgraded up to 12 levels. And those levels themself tell a whole romantic story with each new item you merge into. With that said, our “How to Get Love Story in Merge Mansion” guide is now completed. That’s about all you need to know. If some new details emerge, we will make sure to update the article.

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  1. P

    I already have Love Story item 5, so I tapped on it and nothing happened. It did not open the new section. Are you sure it’s level 5?

    1. Y

      You need to merge to the last item, the baby bottle to unlock.

      1. P

        So it’s level 12 then, not 5. Thank you

    2. D
      Dennis Delozier

      It looks to be the level 11 baby bottle that opens up this area

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