How to Get Rainbow Cubes Cookie Run Kingdom

The question of how to get Rainbow Cubes in Cookie Run Kingdom has been on the minds of many players, due to the fact that you use them to buy spins in the Halloween costume gacha game. Therefore, everyone wants to know the best way to obtain Rainbow Cubes, because who doesn’t want to get as many new cookie outfits as possible? That being the case, we’ve put together this guide to help you out on this “journey,” and we’ll also explain how to get Rainbow Crystals.

how to get rainbow cubes cookie run kingdom
How to Get Rainbow Cubes Cookie Run Kingdom

How to Get Rainbow Cubes in Cookie Run Kingdom

To get Rainbow Cubes in Cookie Run Kingdom, you can complete the various Halloween events that are currently going on. Click on the Events button on the left side of the screen and take a look at what’s available. First off, there’s “BOO! Halloween Masquerade” which rewards you with a hundred Rainbow Cubes in many steps. Reminder, you need three hundred of these to make a single spin in the Cookie Run Kingdom costumes gacha game.

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The next one is the Bear-o-Lantern, which you can place and get a hundred Rainbow Cubes and a few other things immediately, plus additional rewards every twelve hours. These rewards can also be Rainbow Cubes. Then, there’s also the Missing Bat-Cat event, which grants you three hundred Rainbow Cubes at the fourth step of the event. Keep in mind that you can only find five Bat-Cats a day, and you need twenty to get the three hundred Cubes. When it comes to how tog et Cookie Run Kingdom Rainbow Cubes for free, those are all of your options as of writing this article. There may be more as the Halloween event progresses, but right now, that’s all you got.

Of course, since gacha systems are gambling, the developers have the doors wide open for you to purchase Rainbow Cubes with real money. There are various bundles that you can purchase that contain different amounts of Cubes. However, I’m not gonna go into any further details about these, because I always aim to discourage readers from buying in-game currency. Instead, let me point you to our other Cookie Run Kingdom guides, such as Pumpkin Pie Cookie Toppings and Boutique Opening Quest.

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