Minecraft Dungeons Enchantments - Stacking, Refunding Points

Enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons are special perks that you can equip on your gear. They give you different bonuses to armor, combat, movement speed, etc. That’s all well and good; however, certain aspects of the mechanics of how the Enchantments work are a little fuzzy, causing some confusion. So, in our Minecraft Dungeons Enchantments – Stacking, Refunding Points guide, we’re going to go over some of the more frequently-asked questions about them. We’ll show you how to get more Enchantment slots, how to increase their tiers, how to refund Enchantment points and respec, and whether their effects stack.

Minecraft Dungeons Enchantments - Stacking, Refunding Points
Minecraft Dungeons Enchantments – Stacking, Refunding Points

How to Add More Enchantment Slots in Minecraft Dungeons?

To add more Enchantment slots in Minecraft Dungeons, you simply have to push through the game and get better gear. In the beginning, you’re gonna come across weapons that have one, maybe two slots. As you keep going and the difficulty increases, you’ll start finding stuff that can have two and, eventually, three slots. By the end of the game, pretty much every single weapon will have three slots. It’s a simple matter of progression, nothing more, nothing less. Of course, it bears mentioning that you’ll get better gear if you play on higher difficulties. For some more details, you can check out our Best Weapons & Armor Gear Locations guide.

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How to Increase Minecraft Dungeons Enchantment Tiers?

To increase your Enchantment Tiers in Minecraft Dungeons, you’ll have to spend Enchantment Points. You get them every time you level up. The game lets you spend points on one Enchantment per slot (reminder: one slot can have three Enchantment choices) each time you decide to spend them.

The amount of points you’ll need to boost the Enchantments you want will depend on their rarity and tier. If it’s a Common Enchantment, you have to spend one point on Tier 1, two points on Tier 2, and three points on Tier 3. For Powerful Enchantments, it’s two points for Tier 1, three points for Tier 2, and four points for Tier 3.

This system has been causing some confusion among players, since they have to spend Enchantment Points on stuff that they might change their minds about. So, what happens if they want to basically respec their gear, or simply trash it? Where do all those hard-earned points go? Well…

Minecraft Dungeons – How to Get Back Enchantment Points & Respec?

To respec your gear and get back Enchantment Points in Minecraft Dungeons, all you have to do is salvage your gear. When you do that, the game will refund all your spent points, and leave you free to reallocate them as you see fit. The game makes no mention of this whatsoever that we could see, so I understand why people would be apprehensive. Fortunately, Minecraft Dungeons isn’t out to get you or cheat you, even if it doesn’t communicate that well sometimes. So yeah; if you change your mind about how you spent your Enchantment points for whatever reason, salvage your gear, and everything will be fine.

Do Enchantments Stack in Minecraft Dungeons?

Yes, Enchantments do stack in Minecraft Dungeons, as far as we can tell. It’s a little difficult to say, but based on our testing, the effects do stack. That goes both for equipping one piece of gear with two of the same Enchantment, or applying them to several different pieces of gear. So long as you’re using all that gear, the effects will double. Of course, given the insane amount of Enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons, I’d recommend playing around with different ones rather than just sticking to a few. That’s ultimately up to you, naturally.

If you have some other insights in Enchantments stacking (or in general), tell us in the comments. And, if you need further assistance, take a gander at some of our other Minecraft Dungeons guides. We’ve written Unlock Soggy Cave Entrance, Endgame Secret Level Unlock, and Bugs, Privilege Errors, Can’t Find & Install from Store.

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