Minecraft Dungeons Release Time

Minecraft Dungeons in going to be released tomorrow, on May 26th. Concerned players across the globe are itching to start playing, and have been wondering about the exact release times. Those from Australia and New Zealand have been especially impatient, as they’re used to getting games earlier than the rest of us. If you’re wondering about the launch times yourself, this guide will answer the question what time does Minecraft Dungeons come out.

minecraft dungeons release time
Minecraft Dungeons Release Time

What time does Minecraft Dungeons come out?

If you’re coming here from Australia or New Zealand, you’ll be disappointed to hear that the game is scheduled to have a worldwide launch. This means you won’t be getting it earlier than the rest of the planet. Sorry about that. The release time is simultaneous for all platforms and time zones, and it’s set for 1 AM PDT, which translates into 4 AM EDT, 9 AM BST, 10 AM CEST, 5 PM JST or 6PM AEST.

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It’s a bit tough for all those who were hoping to start playing as soon as it goes live, as it starts in the middle of the night in some places, or in the middle of the work day in others, but it’s a fair decision and it leaves no place for doubt. We’re all in it together.

Once you start playing, you’re probably going to run into some trouble. If so, check back – we’ve already written several guides for the game, and we’re bound to write some more. We have one showing you how to play co-op multiplayer in Minecraft Dungeons, another showing you how to jump, and some lists and tables explaining how artifacts work and where to find them, and a similar one for gear, weapons and armor. Check back tomorrow for more, and drop us a line if you’re having trouble with something we haven’t covered.

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