Minecraft Dungeons DLC & Post-Launch Content

Post-launch content and DLC in Minecraft Dungeons have been the talk of the town among interested players, now that the game has started rolling out. The developers have been holding their cards really close to the chest when it comes to Minecraft Dungeons post-launch content, which only piqued the curiosity more. There will be both paid DLC and free updates, that’s for sure. In our Minecraft Dungeons DLC & Post-Launch Content guide, we’ll discuss what you can expect from the game post-launch, including what you can get via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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Minecraft Dungeons DLC & Post-Launch Content
Minecraft Dungeons DLC & Post-Launch Content

Minecraft Dungeons Post-Launch Content

The developers of Minecraft Dungeons have been relatively tight-lipped about the post-launch content overall, even the paid DLC packs that they have scheduled (more on those later). However, there has been some mention of PvP, cross-play, and and a level editor. None of those things are going to be present at launch, but they are in the cards. Cloud saves between platforms and cross-play are definitely happening, it seems.

As for the level editor, Nisshagen has said that it’s something the team wants to look into, but it’s gonna be a lot of work. The PvP is going to happen “if players are keen to have access to it.” I would imagine that the amount of support Minecraft Dungeons gets will depend on how well the game does. So, we’ll have to wait and see

DLC in Minecraft Dungeons – Creeping Winter, Jungle Awakens

There are two Minecraft Dungeons DLC packs so far; Creeping Winter and Jungle Awakens. The first one has a medieval winter feeling to it, and it looks like they’re taking cues from Game of Thrones, specifically, Winterfell. The second is more along the lines of a Mayan temple in the jungle, with monsters made of vines. Both of the DLCs are going to have their very own, new enemies, as well as weapons and other gear to unlock.

Both of these DLCs are included in the Hero Edition of the game, which retails for $30 (and also includes a Hero Cape, two player skins, and a chicken pet). Unfortunately, as of writing this article, neither of the DLCs have a set release date. Also, the extra content will be available for purchase separately. That brings us to the last point for this article, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and what you can expect from it when it comes to Dungeons.

Are Minecraft Dungeons DLCs Included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

No, the Xbox Game Pass “version” of Minecraft Dungeons does not include the DLCs. That will only get you the Standard version of the game, which normally retails for $20. Nobody is gonna give you that much stuff for “free,” unfortunately. That said, you will get all the free updates, as well as a 10% discount on all paid Minecraft Dungeons DLC. Not the worst of deals, all things considered.

So, that’s basically all there is to it when it comes to DLCs and post-launch content in Minecraft Dungeons. If you need more help with the game, we’ve got a couple of other guides you might find useful. For example, we’ve written Co-Op & Multiplayer – How to Play With Friends, How to Jump Over Gaps, and Best Weapons & Armor Gear Locations.

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