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Cookie Run Kingdom Parfait Cookie toppings should match the cookie’s roll in the game, which is a healer. Therefore, you should make a build that either keeps her on the battlefield by giving her more resistance to damage, or a build that lets you use her healing skill as often as possible. So, in our Parfait Cookie Toppings – Cookie Run Kingdom guide, we’ll give you a few options to play around with.

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parfait cookie toppings cookie run kingdom
Parfait Cookie Toppings – Cookie Run Kingdom

Toppings for Parfait Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

The best toppings for Parfait Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom are usually either full Swift Chocolate or full Solid Almond. Both of these work really well, and here’s why. Parfait is a healer, straight up. She hangs out in the back of the party, and her skill recovers the HP of all allies, plus grants them a buff that increases their defense and resistance to debuffs. In other words, you want to have her on the field as long as possible, or have it so that she can fire her skill off as often as she can.

Going full Solid Almond is probably the best way to go, especially in PvP. It’s always a good idea to reinforce your healers in games like these, so I recommend that’s what you do. Alternatively, you can go with full Swift Chocolate if that works better for you, so that Parfait can use her healing skill more often. Now, while we’re discussing Cookie Run Kingdom Parfait Cookie toppings, I do have to note here that you can experiment with mixes of these two toppings, but I don’t think that’ll work. Also, some people recommend using Searing Raspberry on Parfait. I guess you can try it, but I don’t see why you would. Parfait is not a damage-dealer. EDIT: As Jupiter pointed out in the comments, the ATK stat is still important for healers as well, so Searing Raspberry is a valid choice.

And that about wraps it up. If you need more help with the game, check out some of our other Cookie Run Kingdom guides. Among other articles, we’ve written stuff like Not Enough Storage Space, Unable to Initialize Unity Engine Error Fix, and How to Get Rainbow Cubes.

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    you do realize that a healers attack stat is what determines how much they heal right?

    1. J

      Forgot about that, my bad!

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