Guardians of the Galaxy Buy Disabler or Refuse

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is full of tough choices that you will be forced to make. Sometimes these choices have an obvious better one that you should pick, like the Nikki Choice, and sometimes they lead to completely different outcomes, as does happen when you decide if you want to sell Rocket or Groot. In any case, it’s difficult to predict the outcome of these decisions and the consequences they can lead to. A particularly interesting choice comes in Chapter 6, when you can choose to buy a Disabler device or refuse to do so. Only one of these choices is the correct one. In our Guardians of the Galaxy Buy Disabler or Refuse guide, we will tell you which is the better decision to make here.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Buy Disabler or Refuse

Buy the Disabler in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

During Chapter 6, you will arrive on Knowhere. There are many black market deals you can make here. Also, this is the location of the where you can get a free ticket to the Collector’s Emporium, if you make the right choices. During your exploration of this location, you will come across a Junk Dealer. He will ask Star-Lord if he has something that can remove a Nova Corp Disabler. The Junk Dealer will offer him a device that he claims will work no matter what. It costs 1,500 Credits. Though you may be tempted to buy it thinking it will come in handy – you won’t get a chance to use it anywhere in the game. Which means that all you will end up doing here is wasting precious Credits.

Refuse the Disabler in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

You also have the option of refusing to buy this device. Since you won’t be able to actually make use of it, this is the correct choice to make. The only reason why you would want to buy it is for role-playing purposes, but even then – there’s better things to spend your Credits on in the game.

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