Persona 5 Strikers Prison Mail Part 4

Prison Mail Part 4 is one of the requests you’ll get from Lavenza in Persona 5 Strikers. It’s a side quest that requires you to get a specific persona with a specific skill, then show it to her. In this case, it’s a Mithra with Regenerate 1. Since it’s not a skill this persona can get through natural progression, you need to plan the fusion in advance, so you can get the desired result. Our Persona 5 Strikers Prison Mail Part 4 guide will show you how to get Mithra with Regenerate 1 ability.

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persona 5 strikers prison mail part 4
Persona 5 Strikers Prison Mail Part 4

How to get Mithra with Regenerate 1?

The request will show up automatically at some point after you complete the previous one, but not before August 17th. When you complete it, you’ll get the Charge skill card, which allows you to teach that skill to any persona you want.

To begin, you’ll need a Setanta and a Principality. Both of these personas can be found in the Sapporo Jail. Once you’ve got them, you’ll need to level up Setanta up to level 31. At that point, it’ll learn the Regenerate 1 skill. All you have to do now is fuse the two in the Velvet Room, and choose to inherit Regenerate 1. If no fusion accidents occur, you’ll get your Mithra with Regenerate 1.

Now all you have to do is leave the Velvet Room and enter it again. When you talk to Lavenza with your newly-acquired persona in a persona-ball, she’ll remark on it. You’ll get a message saying you’ve completed the request, and you’ll be able to turn it in and claim your reward via the menu.

There are nine Prison Mail requests in Persona 5 Strikers, and each one will require you to fuse a persona with a skill it can’t get through leveling up. If you need help with any of them, be sure to check out our Lavenza requests guide.

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