Poppy Playtime Experiment 1006, The Prototype, Who is It

Fans want to know who is Experiment 1006, The Prototype, in Poppy Playtime. Understandable, considering that it is one of the most intriguing mysteries in the game. Well, based on the information we have so far, we think we can hazard an educated guess. Before we begin, know that there will be SPOILERS from here on out. That’s all the warning you’re getting. Let’s begin.

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poppy playtime experiment 1006 the prototype who is it
Poppy Playtime Experiment 1006, The Prototype, Who is It

Who is Experiment 1006 in Poppy Playtime

So, who is Experiment 1006 in Poppy Playtime, also known as The Prototype? Let’s go over the evidence, scarce though it is. First off, in Log 08502, we learn that the creature with the giant, metallic claw arm is extremely intelligent, very violent, and has a predilection towards engineering. We also find out that Huggy Wuggy used to be the very model of obedience. Then, we have the Experiment 1006 VHS Tape, in which we learn that 1006 is very good at coordinating and cooperating, and the “him” that was used to create The Prototype was significant in some way.

Which character in the Poppy Playtime universe checks all these boxes? None other than Elliot Ludwig, the founder of the company. He would be the only person that could order Huggy Wuggy to go on a rampage, he’s clearly a brilliant engineer, and has created a company that puts souls into toys. When it comes to who is The Prototype Experiment 1006 in Poppy Playtime, he is really the only answer so far. He might have wanted to preserve himself, since he was getting up there. I guess we’ll have to wait for Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 to come out and see for sure.

Of course, this is just conjecture on our part. It could be somebody else, someone we haven’t even learned about yet. However, Elliot Ludwing being the source of corruption in the factory would also make dramatic sense. Besides (SPOILERS for FNAF ahead), it would perfectly mirror the story of William Afton, and we all know that Poppy Playtime definitely takes a lot of inspiration from that series.

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