Project Mugetsu Soul Reaper Guide

In our Project Mugetsu Soul Reaper guide, we are going to explain how to become a Shinigami, step by step. It’s a fairly simple process, which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s also going to be easy. Hopefully, this guide is going to help you on this journey. Without further ado, let’s jump straight in!

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project mugetsu soul reaper guide
Project Mugetsu Soul Reaper Guide

How to Become Soul Reaper in Project Mugetsu

To become a Soul Reaper in Project Mugetsu, you just need to talk with one specific NPC and do a quest for him. You can do this starting at level 1, so there are no real prerequisites. Anyways, you have to talk with Kisuke, an NPC who is usually found chilling next to Urahara Shop in Karakura Town. Just follow the on-screen icon of the blue flame, and you’ll bump into the guy in no time. Kisuke is not hard to spot, considering he wears a dumb-looking striped bucket hat. Check the image up top to see what he looks like. Talk to Kisuke, and he’ll tell you to go and kill a Hollow. They’ll be marked for you as red icons, so go and beat one up real quick.

The next step to become a Project Mugetsu Soul Reaper is to go back to Kisuke and have a chat. Confirm your choice to become a Soul Reaper, and boom, you’re done. You’ll even get a cool sword and an extra item that let’s you revert into a human for the purposes of certain quests. This is temporary, though; once you become a Soul Reaper, you can’t reverse it without paying Robux (or using one of the reset codes. On the bright side, joining the spirit realm’s police force also allows you to unlock your Shikai, and later on a Bankai, which is pretty fun and grants you access to some powerful attacks.

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