Psychoseismometer Locations - Psychonauts 2 Gisu Mission

Psychonauts 2 Gisu mission Psychoseismometer locations are places that you need to visit in order to interact with the machines that Gisu asked you to find. There aren’t many Psychoseismometers in the game, but they’re all very well-hidden, sometimes in hard-to-reach places. So, figuring out where to find Psychoseismometers in Psychonauts 2 can be quite the challenge. That is, once you figure out where to find Gisu and trigger the mission in the first place. That’s why we’ve put together our Psychoseismometer Locations – Psychonauts 2 Gisu Mission guide to help you out.

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psychoseismometer locations psychonauts 2 gisu mission
Psychoseismometer Locations – Psychonauts 2 Gisu Mission

Where to Find Gisu in Psychonauts 2

To find Gisu in Psychonauts 2 and start the mission in which you’ll be finding Psychoseismometer locations, you first need to progress through the game until you get access outside of the Motherlobe area. That should happen after you complete the “Hollis’ Hot Streak” mission. As soon as you exit the Motherlobe, head to the left and platform across the lake using the logs. You’ll find yourself near the bottom of a giant tree. All you need to do is platform all the way to the top, where you’ll find a secret treehouse. You’ll know that you’re coming close when you hear loud rock music blaring. Gisu is just vibing in the treehouse, so talk to her to start the side quest.

Psychoseismometer Location 099 in Psychonauts 2

To find the location of Psychoseismometer 099 in Psychonauts 2, start from the entrance into the Psychoisolation, ride the two rails leading away and to the left. From here, it’s a pretty straightforward platforming section; you just need to follow the path up and to the right. Look out for the sign that says “Blastcap Becky Cave.” The entrance is blocked by cobwebs, so use your Pyrokinesis to clear them away. From there, the path is pretty straightforward. From the entrance to the cave, head left and hop and skip your way up the waterfall. When you reach the area at the top, go into the small alcove on the right to find the first Psychoseismometer.

Psychoseismometer Location H18

To find the location of Psychonauts 2 Psychoseismometer H18, head into the Questionable Area. From the entrance, head right until you reach the Aquato family camp. If you look at Nona’s tent, you’ll see that there are some bushes behind it that you can squeeze through. If you’re facing the tent, they’ll be on the left side. Head through the bushes and hop up the square-shaped boulders. Very soon, you’ll find yourself at the hidden entrance into a cave. Blow it open and head inside to find Psychoseismometer H18. This is by far the easiest one to find, albeit the best-hidden one.

how to get psychoseismometer h18 location
Psychoseismometer H18 location

Psychonauts 2 Psychoseismometer Location Q33

The location of Psychoseismometer Q33 in Psychonauts 2 is also in the Questionable Area. From the entrance, head left and find the large sign that says “Campfire?” In the bushes to the left, you’ll find a pole that you can climb. Once you reach the walkways above, follow the path to the right and use the bounce pads to keep moving. Note that you can also get up here by using the giant campfire in the center and levitating up. Once you’ve used the bounce pads, you’ll find yourself on a platform near a wind gust. Jump into said gust and use your Levitate ability to cross to the other side. That’s where Psychoseismometer Q33 is gonna be.

all psychoseismometer locations where to find giso mission
Psychoseismometer Q33 location
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