Valorant Run it Back 2 Bundle Release Date, Skins, Price

Thanks to data mining, a new Valorant bundle has been potentially discovered. This Run it Back 2 bundle appears to be very similar in design and scope to the previous Run it Back bundle. As you probably already know, this old bundle – released at the beginning of 2021 – was a compilation of previously released skins that players may have missed out on. And while this new bundle hasn’t been officially confirmed – it also hasn’t been officially denied, either. This most probably means that the leak is indeed true. So, let’s see everything that we currently know about this bundle in our Valorant Run it Back 2 Bundle Release Date, Skins, Price article.

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Valorant Run it Back 2 Bundle Release Date, Skins, Price

Valorant Run it Back 2 Bundle Release Date

The exact release date for the Run it Back 2 Bundle still hasn’t been officially confirmed. After all, the entire bundle’s existence hasn’t been confirmed yet. But there are some things that we can expect from its release date. The first of these is that it will most likely release around two weeks after the Valorant Snowfall Bundle. Since that Bundle dropped yesterday, we can expect to see the Run it Back 2 Bundle become available for purchase sometime at the very end of December 2021.

Valorant Run it Back 2 Skins & Price

The following skins are expected to be part of the Run it Back 2 Bundle: Prime 2.0 Odin, Forsaken Vandal, Origin Operator, Recon Spectre, and Tethered Realms Ghost. All of these were already previously available for purchase from the Store, and are primarily intended for players that missed out on getting them the first time around. Like most other things about this bundle, we can also only speculate on the price. However, since all of these skins are part of the Premium Edition (PE) tier in Valorant, it’s estimated that the entire Bundle will cost around 8700 VP.

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