GW 2 Lost Pilgrims Achievement Vision Crystal & Bones Locations

Lost Pilgrims Achievement is one of many you can get in Guild Wars 2: Lost Pilgrims. Completing it will get you a Mastery Point. It’s a part of The Sacrifice Quest, and it requires you to locate Vision Crystals, and the mortal remains of three priests. They’re scattered around Elona Reach, and they’re not easy to reach. That’s why we’ve put together our guide on where to find Bones and Vision Crystals in GW 2 Path of Fire.

GW 2 Lost Pilgrims Achievement Vision Crystal & Bones Locations
GW 2 Lost Pilgrims Achievement Vision Crystal & Bones Locations

Priest Nahtem’s Bones & Vision Crystal Location

The Vision Crystal is in to the southwest of Diviner’s Passage, North of Elona Reach. You’ll notice that there’s a huge sand dune there. To reach the area, you’ll need a Springer mount. From the city entrance, go right and follow the road up the mountain, then use the Springer to hop onto the plateau. Cross the sand dune, and you’ll notice a small alcove in the rocks. That’s where the Vision Crystal is. Priest Nahtem’s Bones aren’t too far off from the Crystal. You can super-jump onto the ledge a bit to the west. Keep jumping up to the top, and you’ll find Priest Nahtem’s Bones.

Where to find Second Vision Crystal – Priest Hehmnut

After you’ve found Priest Nahtem’s remains, head towards the broken pillars nearby (they have Bleached Bones in the middle). Use your Springer or Raptor to leap over the chasm and onto the rocks in front of you. A little further on, you’ll run into Priest Hehmnut’s Bones. Leave them be for now and press on. Head to the left and drop down on to the next ledge, then onto the sand dune below you. The Vision Crystal is in the corner, it’s hard to miss. After you pick it up, summon the Springer and super-jump back to the Priest Hehmnut’s Bones Location.

Vision Crystal and Priest Kahdet Location

To get the third Vision Crystal, you’ll need a glider, or, even better, a Skimmer mount. Go to the blue bridge at the north of Elona Reach, and look to the southeast. You’ll notice a faint glimmer in the lower level of the cliff. That’s where the Vision Crystal is, so fly over there and pick it up. If you don’t want to fly, you can jump up from the bottom of the “canyon” below. The bones of Priest Kahdet are close by, to the west, at the end of the canyon, next to a big rock.
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