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Monsters Weather Control deck in Gwent is a deck to be played in the closed Beta of the game. It is a cheap deck and a variation of the basic deck, hence making it a great option for new players. It uses a lot of cards from the basic deck, and all the cards you need to complete it are not too expensive to create. You should be able to make this deck around level 6 or 7.

This version of the deck is focuses towards being cheap, rather than being the best Monsters Weather Control deck.

Monster Weather Control deck

This deck contains 25 cards, most of which you already have in the starter deck. The deck costs 1.710 Scrap if you were to build it from scratch. However, if you craft only the missing cards, it comes down to about 820 Scrap. This is assuming you won’t get any of the needed cards by opening kegs, which you certainly will. You can find all of the cards in this deck in the table below.

Leader Card


(Dagon is better, but expensive)

Melee row

3x Wild Hunt Rider

3x Wild Hunt Warrior

Ice Giant



Ranged row

3x Foglet

3x Ancient Foglet

Siege row

Water Hag

Special cards

3x Biting Frost

3x Impenetrable Fog

Commander’s Horn

Stammelford’s Tremors



Monster Weather Control Deck Mulligan

At the beginning of the match, you’ll want to get rid of any Foglets. They are a dead card in your hand. They will appear from the deck and Graveyard any time you cast Fog. As for Wild Hunt Riders, try to leave only one in your hand. When you play it, all the others will come out of the deck and onto the board. Having an Ancient Foglet is good.

Make sure you have at least one Biting Frost and one Impenetrable Fog in your hand (or a White Frost if you have one). You’ll be helpless otherwise. It’s okay to have a duplicate Weather card, just adjust your strategy accordingly.

Get rid of any other duplicates you have. Obviously, don’t exchange Gold and Silver cards. Always keep Stammelford’s Tremors in your hand.

Monster Weather Control Deck Combos & Synergies

All combos and synergies in this deck revolve around the Weather card effects.

  • Foglet units are immune to Fog, Wild Hunt units are immune to Frost.
  • Impenetrable Fog summons every Foglet from your Deck and Graveyard and buffs the Ancient Foglets. The combo goes Ancient Foglet + Impenetrable Fog.
  • Biting Frost brings all non-gold Melee units to 1 strength. Ping enemy units with Wild Hunt Warriors to kill them and give your Warriors +2.
  • The combo would be Wild Hunt Riders + Weather effect + Wild Hunt Warriors.
  • Ice Giant gets +7 during Frost which synergizes them with the rest of the deck.
  • Wild Hunt Rider summons all other Riders from the deck to the board, giving you a +9.
  • Commander’s Horn is always useful. You should buff the row with the highest card power. You want to keep this as the last card played to surprise your enemy. Be careful about placing it on the Foglets or the Ranged row. If the enemy removes your Fog, the Foglets will be removed, and you will lose all your buffs.
  • Stammelford’s Tremors is best played after Weather Effects as it removes 2 from all opposing non-gold units. Combine with Frost and/or Fog for board clear.
  • Eredin, Ciri and Geralt provide high numbers and thanks to the Monsters passive ability (one random non-gold unit on your side stays on the board) you have a chance that Eredin stays on the board after a round. If you play Ciri, she will come back to your hand automatically, leaving more room for other strong cards to stay on the board. Since patch 0.8.16, this option isn’t as powerful as before.

Monster Weather Control Deck Strategy

The point of the Monster Weather Control Deck is debuffing enemy units. You can play the Weather Control in two ways. You can either spam them to keep weakening your enemy’s units, or you can be patient and weaken them all at once. If you’re playing against Northern Realms, you’ll want to play your Weather before they use Promote to turn their units to Gold. If you’re against Skellige, you can wait for the late game to use the effects. You don’t have very strong units on your side, so you have to make sure that the enemy’s units are weak as well.

There’s an established strategy with the Monsters deck where you play your strongest, usually gold card at the start of the match and then pass the round to gain board advantage thanks to the Monsters passive ability. It’s viable for this deck, but in the second round, not the first one. Instead, you want to build up and finish off with the strongest cards, all the while controlling the board with Weather cards.

After the mulligan phase, you’ll want to have at least one Impenetrable Fog in your hand. Make sure you remove all the Foglets and duplicate cards out of your hand before starting. You can keep duplicate Weather cards for optimal board control.

Start the match by playing Ancient Foglet or Impenetrable Fog. You want to get the Foglets out of your deck as soon as possible, and you’ll do this by playing Fog. If you don’t have Ancient Foglet, just start with Fog. The point is to get the Foglets out of the deck, and hopefully bait your opponent to use Scorch, Lacerate or ideally Clear Skies. Judge your opponent’s reaction. You can spend more Weather cards if you have them, but keep the Biting Frost and Wild Hunt units for Round Two and Three. You can either follow up with Special cards or Gold cards. If you have a duplicate Frost in your hand, you can play it, but don’t play Wild Hunt Riders.

Choosing when to pass the first round is crucial. Since you have Foglets on the board, there’s a good chance you’ll have no units on the board after Round 2. Try to win this round, but by debuffing enemy units, not going all out. If you have to spend many cards to catch up, pass and lose the round. You can also pass when you have an advantage that the opponent needs two or more cards to catch up with you. During this phase you can play Water Hag depending on the matchup to bait more cards. You can also play Ciri and an occasional Wild Hunt Warrior and Ancient Foglet if you have them.

If you won the first round, you can play the standard Monsters Lose Round tactic. Play Eredin and Ciri and pass. Otherwise, you can play another Fog combo if you have it (and you should), or you can go with your Frost + Wild Hunt Riders combo. Hold playing Frost until you can debuff enemy units for more value.

If you won the first round, you can go all out, but constantly evaluate whether the opponent has a stronger hand than you. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, pass and lose the round, trying to keep card advantage. If you’re going to pass, keep Stammelford’s Tremors, Commander’s Horn, Ice Giant + Frost and/or hopefully Ancient Foglet + Fog

For the last round, you want to keep Stammelford’s Tremors, Frost Combo with Ice Giant or Ancient Foglet + Fog and Commander’s Horn. Use Stammelford’s Tremors when you can remove a bunch of units from the board that the opponent wants to buff (basically anyone who plays a Swarm deck). If it’s not a buffing deck, use the Tremors last to remove as much power from the board as you can. The best use for Tremors is to clear the board once you have Weather effects down. This makes it among the last cards you will play in a match. Keep Commander’s Horn as the last card if you have non-gold units on the board.

Monsters Weather Control Card Swaps

You can modify this deck further to suit your budget. If you don’t have Ciri or Ice Giant, you can substitute them with other cards. However, we strongly recommend you have at least an Ice Giant or some other unit that combos with Weather effects. The Ice Giant is the cheapest option.

You can put Manticore in as scorch bait. It adds a lot of power to the board, and isn’t affected by Fog and Frost.

The Water Hag is another really good card For this deck. We’re playing a Weather Control deck here, so we want all bases covered. It’s a good counter for some Northern Realms and Skellige decks, but she’s not essential.

A great card for this deck is White Frost. This is a costly card (200 scrap), but it will thin out your deck. You can get rid of one Biting Frost and one Impenetrable Fog, leaving you with one empty slot for another unit or special card.

If you have room, add a Thunderbolt Potion to your deck. It buffs all copies of the same unit, and since you’ll have a solid share of unit copies, it can come in very handy.

Personally, I use Gaunter O’Dimm in this deck because I got him in a keg. He’s a very powerful card for spreading power across the board, and is a great combo with Weather effects.

This deck can be improved upon a lot by removing normal Weather cards and adding Special Weather cards, as well as adding more Weather resistant units. You can also add more Legendary cards and change Leaders. However, our goal was to start with a basic deck, and not an expensive deck. I hope you will enjoy playing this in Gwent closed Beta.

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