NBA 2K17 Halloween Store Update

Halloween store update was released for Nba 2k17 on all platforms. There is some interesting Halloween themed clothing and accessories for you to buy.
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There are new shirts, pants, caps and spooky glasses. All of them can be worn on your my park games and as you walk around your my career mode. On the list below you can check out all clothing options and how much VC they cost. If you didn’t know VC is virtual currency used in NBA 2k17 to buy upgrades, accessories and much more. Also check out our video for the full showcase.

NBA 2K17 Halloween Tops

  • Spider web bowling shirt – 1800 VC
  • Bat Tee – 2500 CV
  • Bones Tee – 2500 VC
  • Spooked Cat Tee – 2500 VC
  • Headless Horseman Tee – 2500 VC
  • Jack-O’-Lantern Tee – 2500 VC
  • Mummy Tee – 2500 VC
  • Vampire Tee – 2500 VC
  • Skull Tee – 2500 VC
  • Slimed Tee – 2500 VC

Halloween Bottoms in NBA 2K17

  • Bat Pants – 2500 VC
  • Bones Pants – 2500 VC
  • Jack-O’-Lantern pants – 2500 VC
  • Mummy pants – 2500 VC

NBA 2K17 Halloween Headwear

  • Jack-O’-Lantern Cap 1500 VC
  • Mummy cap 1500 VC

Halloween MyPark Jewelry in NBA 2K17

  • Bloodshot Eyes 2500 VC
  • Crazy Eyes – 2500 VC
  • Hipnot-eyes – 2500 VC
As you can see they are very expensive, most of them cost around 2500 VC. To get a whole mummy set you will need 6500 VC in total, but it looks very cool and spooky. If you don’t have enough VC for now, play a few my career games on higher difficulty for a VC multiplier or some quick MyPark games with your friends.

The full Jack-O’-Lantern set looks really nice with crazy eyes glasses on our player.We can very soon expect the 1.05 patch to roll out, fixing various bugs along with Pro-Am divergences. We will keep you updated as we get new information.

Let us know in the comment section below do you like this year’s Halloween clothing update in NBA 2k17 and which one you will wear in MyPark as you play with your rivals.

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