Harry Potter WU How to Register Pokemon Go Code Name

Registering and verifying your reserved Code Name from Pokemon Go is an option that Niantic gave to Harry Potter Wizards Unite players. This is only for those Pokemon Go trainers that used the opportunity to reserve their nickname from Pokemon Go. Now, some new wizards have been having trouble figuring out how to find the code name in the game; that’s necessary to verify it. If this is your case, our how to register and verify Pokemon Go Code name in Harry Potter Wizards Unite guide is gonna help you out.

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Harry Potter WU How to Register Pokemon Go Code Name
Harry Potter WU How to Register Pokemon Go Code Name

How to Register & Verify Reserved Pokemon Go Code Name in Harry Potter Wizards Unite?

To register and verify your Pokemon Go Code Name that you reserved for Harry Potter Wizards Unite, when first opening the app and entering your birthday, choose the same login that you’ve used to reserve the Code Name. Then, pick your Ministry ID, which is not the same as your Code Name, mind you. When (and if) you’ve done all this correctly, the only thing left is to verify it. Tap the Suitcase icon, then the Gear icon to enter Settings. Then, go to Help/Legal, and select Code Name. You should be fine from there.

Now, all the stuff written in the paragraph above only applies to those of you that have reserved their Code Name on time. Unfortunately, that boat has sailed way back on April 30th. In case you missed the ride, the only thing you have left is to hope that the name you wanted to snag is still free. Or, you know, tack on a few numbers on it or something if somebody did already take the name you wanted.

So, yeah; that’s how you register and verify your reserved Pokemon Go code name in Wizards Unite. If you need further assistance with the game, feel free to check out some of our other Wizards Unite guides. Like, for example, How to Download All Assets & Save Data and Greenhouses – How to Use Them.

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