Harry Potter WU XP & Level Up Rewards - How Much EXP You Need

As you battle and explore the world of Harry Potter Wizards Unite, you’ll earn experience points. Amass enough, and you’ll advance a level. This unlocks new possibilities, new spells and skills, but it also gives you a handful of handy rewards. The more you level up, the more rewards you’ll get, but you’ll also need an increasing amount of EXP to get there. This guide is going to tell you all about Harry Potter WU XP & level up rewards.

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harry potter wizards unite xp level up
Harry Potter WU XP & Level Up Rewards – How Much EXP You Need

How much XP you need to level up

You’ll need 1000 XP to level up for the first time. Each level will require a thousand more until you hit level 16 (so it’s 14k for level 14, 15k for level 15). Afterwards, the difference doubles, so you’ll need 2000 XP more than you needed for the previous level. Once you hit level 20, the difference increases to 5000 XP, and after 25 it goes up to 10k XP.

We have no hard data on what happens afterwards, but by some accounts, you’ll need around 17 million XP to reach level 60, which is the cap. That’s a whole lot of wizarding that needs to be done. Be sure to make full use of the prestige system in order to maximize profits.

Level up rewards in HP WU

Whenever you level up, you’ll get several items and some cash. The amounts will vary between levels, and the more you progress, the more you’ll get. But it’ll always be rougly the same set of items, and it includes a Portmanteus Key, a Baruffio’s Brain Elixir, a Dark Detector, an Exstimulo Potion, a Healing Potion and some gold.

All in all, the game isn’t too generous with its rewards, but it doesn’t seem too grindy either. Pokemon Go veterans claim it’s a lot similar to Niantic’s previous outing, so you should feel right at home if you’re a returning customer.


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