Horizon Zero Dawn Crafting Meat Farming Locations

Crafting meat is an category of items in Horizon Zero Dawn. There are all kinds of meat, coming from different animals. They’re used to craft new satchels and pouches, which increase your inventory size. You can get them by hunting down the appropriate animal and looting its corpse. Some of these animals are hard to find, expecially if you need lots of materials. In this guide, we’re going to show you Horizon Zero Dawn crafting meat farming locations, which item can be used for what.

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horizon zero dawn crafting meat farming locations
Crafting meat farming locations

Where to find bone, skin & meat

There are several kinds of animal you can hunt in Horizon Zero Dawn. They’ll either drop meat, skin or bone when looted. Here’s where you can farm them:

  • Boar: There’s a quest early on that requires you to find a nice spot to farm boars. We’ve written an in-depth guide about boar skin and bone farming.
  • Fish: They are only found in water, so that makes things easier. Still, they can be tough to find. We have a guide with the best fish farming locations.
  • Fox: The best place to farm them is in the forest. Other biomes have significantly less foxes.
  • Racoon: They live in the woods, mostly. You’ll find them near settlements, as well.
  • Rabbit: These are easy to hunt. You can find them in forests and meadows.
  • Turkey: They’ve been known to hide in shrubbery. Forests are the best place to find them, but they appear throughout the world.
  • Goose: Sadly, you can’t hunt the domesticated geese. Luckily, wild ones can be found easily enough in the Nora region.

Boar Skin and Bones Farming Location Horizon Zero Dawn

This is our favorite farming spot – a forest in the Nora region. You can find all the wildlife you need there. The best approach is to run them over with your mount. If there’s a yellow icon over the loot, it’s a bone. If the icon is blue, it’s skin.

Crafting health potions

Skins and bones are mostly used to increase inventory size, by crafting satchels and pouches. Meat, on the other hand, is required for making health potions. You can’t buy it from vendors, so you better not sell it. The selling price is too low, and it’s extremely useful.

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