The beauty and mystery in the new trailers for Horizon: Zero Dawn

Sony’s hotly expected exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn is set to launch tomorrow. The build-up before the game’s release is reaching boiling point, with several new trailers and reviews coming in left and right. If you haven’t yet, feel free to check out our spoiler-free review of Horizon: Zero Dawn.

This is Guerrilla Games’ first new IP since Killzone, which has been a staple of PlayStation since the PS2. With their history of awesome graphics, custom-made for Sony consoles, also comes a history of relatively forgettable storytelling. It would seem that they have gone all-out on this one, and, as a result, most outlets out there have reviewed the game very positively, showering it with praise. Guerrilla Games have not failed to brag a little bit about it in their “Accolades” trailer last week. The previous week also brought us the “Overwhelming Odds” and “Explore the Wild” trailers, with snippets of footage showing off the gorgeous world of Horizon: Zero Dawn and luring you to explore it.

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The main course was the Launch trailer, hitting YouTube this weekend. It manages to capture the spirit of a culture caught in the past and the future at the same time; a sort of bronzepunk, if you will. A group of dancing, incense-waving priests are enacting the events of the story of Aloy and her adventures. Or are they? The trailer is pleasantly unclear on whether this is the past or the future relative to the events of the game. Could it be a prophecy? The trailer does not provide real answers, but manages to be vague in a beautiful way.

One thing is certain: even though the trailer claims that the Earth is “ours no more”, Sony’s list of exclusives is pretty much set to be a new franchise candidate.

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