Injustice 2 All Skins, Shaders & Alternate Costumes Showcased

Injustice 2 shaders and skins are used to customize your characters. They’re like alternate costumes, or different color schemes for your default outfit. There are a lot of them – each character has around a dozen. There’s a video on Youtube now, showcasing what they all look like, and it’s worth a watch.

injustice 2 all skins shaders alternate costumes

Gods & demons shaders are available for all characters, as part of the ultimate edition. There’s also an alternate scheme for pretty much every shader in the game. Here’s a full list of shaders and skins showcased in the video:

  • Aquaman shaders: King of the Sea, Deep Camouflage, Orm’s Vengeance, Son of Atlantis, Trench Fighter
  • Atrocitus shaders: Red Lantern, Red Devil, Volcanic Blood, Blood Ash, Violent Vein, Ryut’s Revenge
  • Bane shaders: Knightbreaker, Scourge of Santa Prisca, Dark Genius, Opressor, Luchador
  • Batman shaders: The Gotham Knight, Caped Crusader, Knightquest, AK Battle Armor 5U89R, Beyond, Gotham’s Hunter, Zur-En-Arrh, Classic Crusader, Noir, Gotham Ghost
  • Black Adam: Teth-Adam, Shazam’s Wisdom, Speed of Heru, Amon’s Strength, Champion Freeman
  • Black Canary: Canary’s Cry, Siu Jerk Jai, Ashes on Sunday, Drake’s Legacy, Scream Queen
  • Blue Beetle: The Reach, Sacred Source, Galactic Midnight, Thieving Black Beetle, Red Beetle’s Pride
  • Brainiac: Coluan Conqueror, 12th Level, Intergalactic Tyrant, Exclusive Knowledge, Vril’s REBELS
  • Captain Cold: Mister Snart, Absolute Zero, Polar Whiteout, Stone Cold Killer, Black Ice, Mr. Freeze (skin)
  • Catwoman: Thief of Thieves, Kleptomania, Modern Age Debut, Golden Age, Year One
  • Cheetah: Minerva’s Curse, Bloodthirsty, The Atavist, Jungle Prowler, Pack Leader, Vixen (skin)
  • Cyborg: Vic Stone 2.0, Booyah!, STAR Labs, Fullback, New Genesis, Man and Machine, Grid (skin)
  • Darkseid: Lord of Apokolips, God of Gods, Omega Effect, Uxas, New God
  • Deadshot: The Professional, Cash on Delivery, Hard Target, .45 Caliber, Golden Age
  • Doctor Fate: Servant of Order, Inza’s Gift, Doctor Chaos, Pandora’s Vision, Prophet of Order
  • Firestorm: Nuclear Man, Jason’s Choice, Bicameral Mind, Ronnie’s New Suit, Deathstorm
  • The Flash: Scarlet Speedster, Speedster’s Hope, Reverse Flash (skin), Jay Garrick (skin), Kid Flash, Hot Pursuit, Breakneck Speed
  • Gorilla Grodd: Lord of the Apes, Kneel Before Grodd, Telepathic Sociopath, Mind Bender, King of The Jungle
  • Green Arrow: Emerald Archer, Green Huntsman, Speedy, Arsenal, Mia
  • Green Lantern: Willpower, Rage, John Steward (skin), Hope, Fear, Avarice, Compassion, Love, Life, Death
  • Harley Quinn: Mad Love, Waller’s Jester, Joker’s Moll, Hell on Heels, Sanity Check
  • Joker: Clown Prince of Crime, Buzzkiller, One Bad Day, Class Clown, Joker’s Wild
  • Poison Ivy: Seductress, Gotham City Siren, Dr. Isley, Kiss of Death, In Bloom
  • Robin: Son of The Demon, Agent 37, Nightwing’s Flight, Red Robin, Heir to the League, Damian’s Regret
  • Scarecrow: Fear Gas, The Jitters, Living Nightmare, Chiroptophobia, Chemophobia
  • Supergirl: Girl of Steel, Phantom Zone, Power Girl (skin), Lost Girl, Cir-El, Daughter of Argo
  • Superman: Truth and Justice, Sacrificial Son, Bizarro’s Worst, Godfall, Son of Jor-El, Mon-El
  • Swamp Thing: Guardian of the Green, Oldwood, Rampant Overgrowth, New Spring, Parliament of Trees
  • Wonder Woman: Amazon Warrior, Circe, Flashpoint Princess, Themysciran Legend, Great Hera!

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